PeopleWithMS Chat Registration and Log-In is the homepage and chat gateway page. Click on the Logo
				PeopleWithMS Chat

Enter your desired chat nickname in the space provided and SAVE

You will be presented with the current Rules of the Chat.  Click Join

You will enter chat.   Notice your nickname on the top right Click your nickname

The Create an Account screen will appear. Enter your nickname again.

The next screen will request email info.  This is optional, but helpful if you forget your password. Press Next

Enter a password and Press Next

You will now return to chat.  Click your nickname 

Select Login and enter your nickname and password

You will be presented with a " Privacy Notice " which is legalese we can't figure out how to turn off.  Just click OK and you re-enter Chat as a normal, registered user.  DONE !!!

Your computer will probably remember your nickname and password so you never have to enter it again.