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The Administrators (identified by BOLD NAMES and Red Party Hats at the top of the chatters list) provide immediate support and control of conduct for the room.  If you are having trouble with the chat, or someone in it, send the Administrator a private message. 

Multiple Sclerosis is the general focus of this chat.  Tolerance is a key principle.  Discussion of political, legal, religious, racial, sexual, or other topics are to be tolerated to the extent they are pertinent.  Consideration must be given to the fact that the perceptions and treatments of all these issues differs across the globe.  However soap-boxing is not tolerated.  

Profanity is similarly relative.  If the spirit of discussion is lively and spirited, language may flow more freely.  Or there may be people present of more tender sensibilities.  So judge the room before getting too rambunctious, and respect others if they ask you to tone it down.   It's ok to say you feel like shit if you are having a real bad day.  Repeating it over and over is when it becomes insensitive.

Expression of judgmental attitudes towards other chatters should be restrained, whether they are present or have left the room.  So be considerate.

Hosts and Administrators - Read the latest Rules

RednDeb of PeopleWithMS are the final arbiters and decision-makers as to conduct within the chat.  


Does it Cost Anything ? Do I have to Join Anything?

FREE !  FREE !!  FREE !!! There is nothing to pay, no secret society to join.  Guests are always welcome.  If you register, the chat software can keep track of some of your user preferences in chat.  With your e-mail address we can send you Newsletters.  But it's no big deal either way.

I Can't Read The Text !  

It's very easy to make the text larger. And BOLD.  Just click on the magnifying glass with a (+) to make the text bigger.  Or right-click in the chat area and select "font" from the pull-down menu.

Is it ok if I don't have MS? While this chat room is focused on people with multiple sclerosis, it is by no means limited. Caregivers can certainly use or give support, as well as other family members and friends. Other neurological diseases can also be very similar in symptoms, problems, and solutions to MS.

How do I copy an URL (Internet site address) somebody types in?

An easy question.  The address can be marked by highlighting it with the cursor, and copied using CTRL-C.  Then you can paste it back into chat, or onto Notepad, or wherever else you want, using CTRL-V.

What if I want my own Avatar?

AddOnChat software only supports 25 avatars.  This is a technical bandwidth limitation.  So they'll kind of switch around as time goes on.  We haven't come up with a good alternative that does the same thing.  

What about Voice Chat?

AddOnChat does not support voice chat.  

How Do I add an Emoticon or Audicon ?

Please refer to the Chat Help page's sections for the latest "How-To" information.


The room is always open.  Nights are always busy.  But you are welcome anytime.  And if nobody is there, leave a message on the Chat Connections Message Board.   


PeopleWithMS uses the third party chat room product, AddOnChat, which offers a nice chat interface, emoticons ("smileys") and audicons ("soundies") to add personality, a pre-built discussion room, and the ability to add topic-specific sub-rooms.  The only catch is that it may not operate properly with older versions of Java.  But it's easy to upgrade.

As we identify various technical obstacles which you may run into, we will document them here.  If you have some troubles, identify and fix them, please let us know about it.  Most likely someone else would run into it, too.

What browser?  AddOnChat isn't particular about most modern browsers or operating systems.  Windows and Linux variants will work, assuming the proper Java is loaded.  WebTV definitely won't work due to it's technical limitations.  And the AOL shell reportedly does not work -> if you try and it fails, you  must open another browser.


The most likely cause of access problems is use of an older version of Java.  So we developed the ChatDirectAccess page and the Chat Access Help page to help test if a chatter's software is going to work.  And offer to install the latest version if their current version is inadequate.

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