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What internet browser do I need?

The Short Answer: 

Assuming you have tested Java and do not have Pop-Up Blocking, most anything recent seems to work.  

Version 6.x of Internet Explorer, Netscape 7.1, AOL 9.x, Firefox 1.5 &2, Seamonkey 1.n, Opera 9, Konqueror

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The Long Answer:

Earlier versions of these browsers will sorta work.  Enough to get by. 

AOL 7.1 may work. It appears to just be a customized version of AOL's Netscape 7.1.   However, Pop-Up blocking may need to be turned off. AOL older versions won't work

AOL 9.0 versions work, with caveats.  This version of AOL has a built-in Pop-Up Blocker.  You must turn it off, and/or allow Pop-ups from and in order to gain access.

Opera seems to work fine.

Firefox and SeaMonkey browsers from the Mozilla Foundation work without unusual problems.

ISP Proprietary browsers may work if they are based on the latest versions of one of the above.  Checking the HELP => ABOUT menu option of your browser should give you a clue as to what browser you are really using.

WebTV (aka, MSNTV) via the set-top receiver hasn't even a snowballs chance in hell, for technical reasons.  If you are simply using their service, but with a real computer instead of an internet set-top appliance, there's a reasonable chance it might work. - Handpainted and Customized Canes

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