Chat Access Tests
Java and Pop Up Blockers are the two most common roadblocks to chat access.  Fortunately, there are a couple of sites specifically geared towards helping people diagnose their problems.  The site's explanations of what to do are very good, so they won't be duplicated here.  Rather, the thing to do is to use the tests they provide, and their guidance as to the meaning of the results, as a starting point.  

If you are still stuck, then telling us what tests you ran, and the results you obtained, will help us suggest a solution.  Just e-mail us at

Diagnosis is the first place to go to, because Java problems are the last roadblock to access.  Right on the first page is a test which will flag an obvious problem ( no java at all ! ) .  Most likely, if you have Java and it is enabled, it is not the source of your problems.  The major things it will address are:

  • What version of Java are you using ?

  • Is your browser Java enabled ?

  • How do I install Java ?
has a large array of tests of the most likely and lesser Pop-Up Road Blocks. Going through all the tests here should really give a good idea of the problem.  These problems are usually caused by software particular to your computer.  So you need to pay attention to the results and their comments about what to look for.  That'll give you an idea just which piece of your software is the culprit.

Free popup blocker tests has a similar variety of tests, presented in a somewhat different manner. You can see the results of each test displayed at the bottom of the page after the test is run.

Browser Setup

is also a potential source of troubles, usually right after entry into chat.  One snag is with Temporary Internet Files, the other is with Automatically checking for newer versions of pages.  In Internet Explorer, version 6, you'd go to Tools => Internet Options.  In the middle of the General tab page is an button to Delete Temporary Files.  Under Settings, just to the right, make sure that "Automatically check for newer versions of pages " is selected.  he results of each test displayed at the bottom of the page after the test is run.

LinuxThe Linux Project

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