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What's a Pop-Up Window ?

A Pop-Up window is one which pops up when you open something.  A web page.  An e-mail.  The idea is to show you a detailed view of something in a new window, without losing the old one (like showing a product detail picture when shopping an on-line catalog).  The polite thing to do is wait til you ask.  

Or not  

Advertisers love that last bit.  They can jam any old advert down your throat, relevant or not.  Everybody HATES them. Thus Pop-Up Blocker software was born.  (see below)

Why do I care ?

AddOnChat unfortunately needs some of the same Java pop-up window technology.  If you are very curious, the details are below.

 To chat, the Pop-Up Blocker software must be temporarily turned off.

A Caveat

Java must be enabled to pop up a link in a new window.  Normally this is the case.  If you are having troubles even with the right browser, this is another suspect. 

How Do I know if I have a Pop-Up Blocker?

Obviously if you bought one, you'd know already.  However, if you have the latest version of an anti-virus program, it most likely has a built-in Pop-Up blocker.  At least in the case of Netscape 7.1, it has a built-in Pop-Up blocker.

We'll be posting more information soon on the names of Pop-Up Blocker programs.  But there are about a hundred of them, so it's quite a list.  And as details become available, how to turn the feature off and on.

What do I do?

Turn the Pop-Up Blocking software off for the duration of your chat. Once you get comfortable with turning it on and off, you will discover that you can customize it to allow pop ups from and

Finding Hidden Pop-Up Blockers

Many helpful accessory toolbars include pop-up blockers.  And don't tell you they are there @%^$#(*  ! ! !  To find these little buggers:

  1. In Internet Explorer, place your mouse on a blank spot on the upper toolbar.

  2. Right Click your mouse and observe the list of toolbars.  What should be there is:

  3. Microsoft Issued Entries:

    • Standard Buttons 

    • Address Bar

    • Links

    • Lock the Toolbar

    • Customize

  4. Anything else came from somewhere other than Microsoft.  And may include an embedded Pop-Up Blocker.  

  5. Inspect each "bonus" toolbar's icons, looking for a pop-up blocker that you can enable or disable.  Disable anything you find !

  6. Try to get into chat.

  7. *** If you can get into chat, one or more of those pop-up blockers may be re-enabled if they allow you to specify that pop-ups from and are allowed.  Testing that is on your own !  ***

  8. After you leave chat you can always re-enable the pop-up blockers, as long as you remember for next time you come into chat.

But I HAVE the right browser !!! 

(the following seems no longer applicable) Internet browsers have a couple of settings which can prevent proper chat operation.  First, scripts must be enabled.  Check settings as follows:

  1. In Internet Explorer 6.n, on the menu select Tools -> Internet Options and then the Security tab.

  2. Select the Internet globe on the left is selected, then pick Custom Level.

  3. Make sure the Script settings are set to Enable.

  4. If you change settings, close Internet Explorer, and then Windows.

  5. Try again.  

  6. If it still doesn't work, repeat steps 1 through 4.  Then, in the bottom box, Reset Custom Settings to Medium.  

  7. Try again.  

  8. Are you sure you don't have a Pop-Up Blocker?  (see below)

Windows XP Users

  1. In Internet Explorer 6.n, on the menu select Tools -> Internet Options and then the Privacy tab.

  2. At the bottom of the screen is a Pop-Ups box.

  3. You must allow pop-ups from and 

(this advisory is subject to rewording based on actual chatter feedback.  so if you see something different, tell us: ) - Handpainted and Customized Canes

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