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Healthy Eating
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Healthy Eating  

The one thing that everyone agrees with is that recording your daily eating in a journal helps in looking back and seeing how we have been doing, good or bad. It makes us think twice before we mess up a day, or even a good week. Some of the simplest things that we are sometimes not even aware of  have many calories and also are not very good for us. Look at labels, drink water, That applies to every eating change we makeGood health has a lot to do with what you put on your plate at every meal, so diet is an area where you can be in control.




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Here's a link to a Microsoft Word version of a journal that  you can download and print out.  RIGHT CLICK ON LOGO, AND SELECT SAVE AS TO CAPTURE A COPY YOU CAN PRINT OUT AT HOME.

Use our fun interactive tools to find out your ideal weight, how many calories you should eat, and much more.

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 Caremark - It all starts with care

Finding out your body mass index (BMI) is a quick way to figure out if your weight is healthy for your height. Your BMI value is more useful for predicting your health risks than your weight alone, but it's even more useful to treat it as one of many factors that influences your health, including total body fat, waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio.


Caremark - It all starts with care
From The MS Information Sourcebook, produced by the National MS Society.

Maintenance of general good health is very important for persons with MS or any chronic disorder. A well-balanced and carefully planned diet will help to achieve this goal. MS specialists recommend that people with MS adhere to the same low-fat, high fiber diet that is recommended for the general population. - Handpainted and Customized Canes