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May 2004

PeopleWithMS Announces a Monthly Contest

Starting this month, PeopleWithMS will conduct contests in various categories to motivate and involve site visitors.   ( Hint:  More contests to come)  The Contest Page will always contain information on past contests & winners, present, and potential future contests.

At monthly, or other intervals, we'll have contests on a variety of subjects.  And significant prizes to go along with them.  Sometimes a single grand prize, sometimes First, Second, Third, or multiples....depending upon the contest.

This Contest's Prize

A Hand-Painted Cane from our sponsor, StumblinStyle

Something special for yourself, or someone you know who needs something to brighten every footstep in their day.  We'll be offering the winner their choice of a tasteful selection of men's or women's canes in derby or crookneck handle styles and various weights.

( Absolutely no cost to the winner - we even pay shipping ! )

The Subject

The best substantial news article published this month regarding Multiple Sclerosis.  The news must be reported by a major national publication, or published in a subject matter journal (such as a medical journal).  In print and at least summarized on-line.  

News can concern medications approved or the subject of current clinical trials for submission for approval by major governmental bodies, like a the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) or another country's equivalent National Institute of Health (NIH).  Medications include those for primary treatment, or for symptom management.  Breaking news on coverage of durable medical equipment such as power chairs is also included.   Or breakthrough legislation.

The emphasis is on serious news, from real sources of information, where the reporters have no personal financial interest motivating shameless, baseless self-promotion.

The Rules

The key is that first reporter of the winning news item wins.  So if you see it, and it looks hot, submit it now ! @^%$*%^

Duration:  The contest closes at midnight EST, May 31, 2004

How To Submit

Submit via e-mail the article Title, the URL (link) to the article, and a brief description to PWMS@PeopleWithMS.  And of course your name   The time stamp on our receipt of your e-mail determines precedence, in the event of multiple submissions.

Submissions will be included daily as submitted on the News page, and in each week's newsletter.   

The Winner will be announced in the June 4, 2004 Newsletter.

News Letter Archive

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