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Linda's Birthday's Page
as of 06-02-2009

Linda has volunteered to keep track of our chatters Birthday's. Simply let her know when she asks in chat, or you happen to see her, if you'd like to be added.  Or e-mail

If anyone wants to host a chat Birthday Party, we provide the room, we clean up! We will send out invitations. We all have birthdays, some have Anniversary's.   Help make a friend feel very important. We are all important in chat! Throw a surprise party for a chat buddy. Thank your best friend for being there for you! He or she deserves a party!

JolyRox January 2nd
Ted  January 2nd
Eddie January 2nd
January 9th
Bette42 January 9th
Randy/ Ryans Dad January 11th
January 19th
MrsKelli357 Birthday and Anniversary January 21st
Fugazi January 22nd
SteveNL January 26th
Soporific January 27th
Harley Vicky January 27th
January 29th
January 30th
Biz January 31st
Heather February 5th
February 9th
Norma & Bob Anniversary February 10th
Judy Feb 11TH
Candy49 Febuary 13th
Lauri February 16th
Marlene & Jimmy's Anniversary February 20th
Karen1 Febuary 20th
Deena/Bernadine Febuary 21st
Jeffs & Tami Anniversary February 24th
Glenda Lee   Anniversary Febuary 24th
Ruby Slippered One Anniversary March 1st
Jack March 7Th
Aileen March 11Th
DennisWW March13th
JolyRox Anniversary March 16h
Ruby Slippered One/Cindy March17th
CINDY March 19th
Bob Theisen March 23d
Norma April 7th
Kerri/KERRI14776 April7th
VanesR April 10th
April 11th
FancyStuff April 19th
Shelly April 19th
RonB April 20th
Barry  April 27th
ROD May 11th
JAMES62 May 11th
May 23d
Kathie May 30th
Debby June 5th
LADY/Marlene June 9th
Kerri? KERRI 4776  Anniversary June 20th
Sumo's Dawg June 27th
LinnAnn50 July 1st
Dennis Anniversary July 7th
Lonewolf aka Bill July 10th
Gailpooh MN July 15th
Sumo's Sister July 17th
July 17th
Steph July 20th
Game Junkie July 21st
Pitchmonke Anniversary July 22nd
BobbyGene July 23d
HappyHappy July 23d
PetsRUS6 Laurie July 26th
TruckersWife July 29th
Cfresque July 31st
Meredith August 8th
MS_Kitty70 August 11th
pitchmonke August 17th
Gutless Anniversary August 22nd
firecat's Anniversary August 23d
Judy F  September 1st
September 5th
Pooh/Jeannie September 11th
Ralf/ RJump September 13th
Sweetness September 18th
Vickey62 September 23rd
September 23rd
Shar September 25th
firecat September 27th
Liz October 2nd
Joesph October 2nd
JEFF October 5th
papaphil October 8th
Oreos2345 October 16th
Kim October 24th
Kanga October 28th
Mags06 October 29th
Ditto1 October 29th
Tater Queen October 29th
Wayno November 1st
PhilNE November 5
007 November 7
Miller13 November 7
Glenda Lee November 10th
Citrine November 18th
Gutless November 20th
WCGirl December 1st
BoardWalkAngel December 2d
Sandra UK December 3d
NANCY December 27th
Lynne December  27th - Handpainted and Customized Canes