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Download Guide Page

This page contains describes various ways to download this listing in part, or as a whole, onto your own local computer. 

Why?  If you have ever experienced bad "internet weather" you know that not everywhere is accessible from everywhere, all the time.  If you have a modem, you know how long an extra few pages of site hopping can take.  Especially when you don't remember quite which page a link is on.  When all the links are on your machine, you only have to worry about getting from your computer to your site of interest.  No side-trips to just to get a link.

A Preface on Downloading......

The key to downloading one or more link pages is first to put it/them in someplace on your computer that you will remember.  Then find them on your local computer using your browser, and mark them in Favorites or Bookmarks.  Then they are always available to you, off-line or on.

If you are copying multiple pages, or the entire list, make sure it all goes into the same folder and subfolders.  Then all the page links will jump you back and forth between the link pages and categories.  (Plus, you get our pretty background and little red triangles. All for Free !)

Copy A Page

Copying a link page to your local computer is a piece of cake.  Just go up to the top of your browser's window, select File -> Save As and put it into a new folder in some familiar place (like C:\My Documents).  Then call it up in your browser from that local location and add it to your Favorites/Bookmarks.  

Copy the whole Link List as a .Zip File

Shortly we'll be adding a link so that you can download the entire link listing as a single .Zip formatted compressed file.  When you expand the file, using WinZip, PkZip, or whatever, it will re-create the entire link list set of pages on your local PC.  No need to go to our site, and through our site's link list when you really need to go somewhere else.

Copy the whole Link List as a self-extracting file

Shortly we'll also be adding a link so that you can download the entire link listing as a .exe formatted compressed file.  This eliminates the need for a copy of a Zip extractor.  When you expand the file, it will re-create the entire link list in a folder you specify on your local PC. We scan with Norton Anti-Virus and Panda Antivirus for the prevention of electro-contagious diseases.  

Please don't ever add to your local copy of the page.....  

E-Mail us at with any additions.

We'll add them and update the version number/date of the page, which you'll always find right here:

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