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Listed below is a very small list of famous people known to have received a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and have left their mark in history.  If you know of some others that are nationally know feel free to drop me a line with who, what they have done in life with a link to a web site.  I will evaluate the authenticity of the information received and include them upon verification to this list as an example of others who provide hopes and dreams to motivate others.


Archer, Jacqueline Creed - Civil rights activist 
Artero, Javier - Spanish soccer player

Louise Arters - Actress (one of the Sparkle Twins; ‘The Great Gatsby’)
April Arvan - Basketball Coach at Lakeland College


Belinda, Stan - baseball player 
Bertone, Jackie - percussionist for Beach Boys and others 
Blake, Michael - Hollywood screenwriter, "Dancing with Wolves" 
Bradbury, Bill - Secretary of Stae of Oregon (running for senator) 
Breslow, Rachelle - author 
Bruening, Deborah - writer 
Burr, Clive - Iron Maiden Drummer 

Richard Berghammer - Wildlife Painter who paints on leather, not canvas
Nicky Broyd - BBC Radio Journalist, she reads news on BBC Radio Five Live
Martin Bruch - Photographer (takes pictures from the ground, whenever his wheelchair tilted over)


Carnevale, Dan - American Footballer 
Cavuto, Neil - lead anchor on Fox News Channel 
Coghlan, Donal - singer/songwriter 
Cohen, Richard - journalist (married to actress Meridith Viera) 
Coman, Sean (aka Sean Donahue) - Californian disk jockey 
Coscione, Luca - Italian Politician 
Courtauld, Charlie - British newspaper columnist (Independent on Sunday) 
Cowan-Ricks, Carrel - historical archaeologist and anthropologist 
Crighton, Michael - SciFi Author & Creator of TV Series ER
Cuthbert, Betty - Olympic Gold Medalist, Sprinting

Roland 'Chubby' Cloutier - TV Entertainer and radio personality in Hawaii during the 50’s and 60’s
Guido Crepax - Italian comic most famous for his character Valentina, created in 1965


Davis,Deanna - Basketball player and coach 
Davis, Denise - Singer 
D'Este, Sir Augustus Frederic (1794-1848) - grandson of King George III of England, 1st documented case of MS

Didion, Joan - writer and director 
Din, Bruno Tassan - Italian publisher 
Dobson, Wayne - magician 
Du Pre, Jacqueline - cellist 
DuBois, Frank - New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture 1989-, champion team roper

Dupuis, Michel- Canadian football player (linebacker for Ottawa, Winnipeg & Toronto)

Duval, Michael R. - Investment Banker and White House Lawyer Under Nixon and Ford

Deborah Downey - Cabaret Performer; starred in an Original Star Trek Episode, “The Way To Eden”
Khiawatha Downey - Division II All-America guard at Indiana University-Pennsylvania


Eagleson, Allan - Hockey impresario & lawyer 
Elkin, Stanley - writer



Fargo, Donna - Country and western singer 
Folana, Lola - singer 
Forbes, Bryan - actor, writer, director (married to Nanette Newman)

Frimkess, Michael - Potter 
Funicello, Annette - singer, dancer, former Mousketeer


Gabriel, Roman - American football player (Los Angeles Rams 1962-72)

Garr, Teri - Actress (Young Frankenstein, Tootsie, Close Encounters and others)

Gildehaus, Brenda - champion BMX bike rider

Gingrich, Marianne - ex-wife of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich 
Gomes, Chrystal - stand up comedienne 
Graham, Beverly - singer, charity worker 
Graham, Judy - author 
Grahn, Judy - poet 
Gurr, Robin - poet 

Sarah P. Gibbs - Biologist - Winner of 2003 Gilbert Morgan Smith Medal
Nicola Griffith - a British sci-fi author, editor and essayist; 1988 alum of the Michigan State University Clarion sci-fi writing workshop and has won a Nebula Award, the James Tiptree, Jr Award, the World Fantasy Award and five Lambda Literary Awards


Hartnell, William - British actor (the first Doctor Who) 
Hartzler, Joseph - Chief prosecutor for the Oklahoma bombing case 
Hayes, Eve - actress 
Heine, Heinrich - German poet (1797-1856) posthumously diagnosed with MS

Henry, Stewart - UK disc-jockey 
Heuga, Jimmy - Olympic skier 
Home, Lena - Actress and singer 
Hignell, Alastair - International Rugby Player, Cricketer and BBC Sports Commentator

Hughes, Fred - Andy Warhol's financier and manager 
Humm, David - NFL quarterback, Oakland Raiders 

Lucien Hervé - French-Hungarian photographer well known for his black and white photos of architecture
Jennifer Huget - Washington Post journalist


Inescort, Frieda - actress 
Iordanov, Ivalio - Bulgarian International soccer player 
Irvine, Brian - Scottish soccer player 


Jankowski Skrabut, Valerie - artist and musician. 
Jordan, Barbara - Congress woman, professor, civil rights activist 


Knowles, Stanley - Canadian Politician (1942-1984)

Jonathan Katz - Comedian, actor, and voice actor best known for his starring role in the animated sitcom Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist
Hal Ketchum - Country & Western Singer-songwriter; biggest hits include "Small Town Saturday Night", "Past the Point of Rescue", and "Hearts are Gonna Roll"
Johnny Killen - 1960’s singer
Susan Kisslinger - Author of "True Voices," "So Many Faces of Love," and "Spirit Songs for Building Understanding


Lander, David "Squiggy" - actor in the American TV show "Laverne & Shirley"
Laemmle, Jr., Carl - film producer and son of the founder of Universal Studios
Lane, Ronnie - musician with The Faces (Rod Stewart's old band) 
Lawson, Melanie - Anchorwoman, Ch.13 Houston 
Leighton, Margaret - British actress 
Lindskoog, Kathryn - author 
Lydwina of Schieden - Dutch patron Saint of Ice Skaters (1400AD) The earliest written record of someone with MS

James LaRocca - Guitarist with MS
Wendy Lill - Canadian Playwright and Politician


MacDougall, Roger - British playwright 
MacTaggart, Fiona - British Politician (Labour MP for Slough) 
Mairs, Nancy - novelist 
Mandzhavidze, Natalie - NASA Physicist 
Mann, Emily - director and playwright 
Markham, Diana - Novelist 
Miquel Martm i Pol - Catalan poet 
Mesinger, Maxine - Newspaper gossip columnist, Houston Chronicle 
Mitchel, Laura - Public policy analyst, consultant and writer 
Mullarkey, Mary - Colorado State Supreme Court Chief Justice 
Mythen, John - cartoonist and writer

Ernie McAlister - US Politician
David Maclean - UK Conservative MP - Chief Whip
Maureen Manley - Olympic Cyclist


Newman, William - artist 
Novoselick, Paul - Chronicle staff writer and columnist

Ken Novak - Basketball coach


O'Connor, Cindy - Poet 
Osmond, Alan - Singer in Osmond Brothers 
Oelschlager, Jim - financier and philanthropist



Pageler, John - author 
Peck, Lisa - Mountain bike rider (5th in 2000 Masters World Mountain Bike Championships)

Pryor, Richard - comedian and actor


Queen, Richard - Iran hostage


Radtke, Richard - Scientist and Winner Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering

Riedy, Adam- US Speed Skater 
Rhue, Madeline - Actress 
Rocha, Fausto - Brazilian TV Actor 
Roth, Wendy Carol - Television producer, writer and Advocate for the Disabled

Jacques Raverat - Artist
John Robson - Footballer
Doug Robinson - Novelist
Ronald Rogers - Concert Pianist


Scofield, James - poet 
Simons, Eric - mountaineer 
Snyder, Keith - composer, performer, and author 
Stephens, Stephanie - golfer 
Stone, Karen G. - Author 
Summerall, Sharon - model (married to Don Henley (singer with The Eagles) 
Sutton, Kelly - racing driver 
Sweeney, Joan - children's author 
Szymnaski, Mike - entertainment writer and managing editor of

Dean Singleton - Newspaper Magnate
Henry Steele - Basketball Player
Kevin Stevenson - Singer/Guitarist


Tucker, Larry - Film and TV writer and producer (incl. The Monkeys, Alice B. Toklas and Bob & Carol)

Tamia - Grammy Nominee R&B singer; married to athlete Grant Hill
David "Teddy" Thomas - Cricketer
Mitch Terpstra - Athlete and Athletics Coach
Bobby Thompson - Banjoist
Joe Torsella - US Politician
Yury Tynianov - Russian Novelist and literary critic


Vilet, Don Van (aka Captain Beefheart) - Rock 'n' Roll singer/musician and painter


Wakefield, Wally - ski jumper and sports columnist 
Walker, Clay - Country and western singer 
Ward, Clifford T.  - Singer/songwriter 
Weaver, Robert "Wingnut" - actor 
Weis, Cathy - Dancer 
Wellstone, Paul - US Senator, Minnesota 
White, Stephen - Author 
Willey, Paul - Virtual Golf Champion 
Williams, Montel - talk show host and actor 
Williams, Victoria - Singer 
Willing, Victor - Artist 
Wolfskehl, Paul  - 19th century German industrialist and amateur mathematician

Jackie Waldman - Author and motivational speaker
Danny Wallace - Soccer Player
Rich Warden - Racecar Driver
Maggie Weder - Golfer


(Baseball player) Wade Boggs' sister
(Singer) Gloria Estefan’s father
(Actress) Marg Helgenberger's father
(Designer) Tommy Hilfiger's sister
(TV new anchorman) Larry Kane's mother
(Basketball player) Chris Moss's mother
(US senator) Patty Murray's father
(Dateline NBC) Stone Phillips' wife
(Harry Potter author) J K Rowling’s mother
(Comedian/Actor) Adam Sandler's cousin
(Actor) Daniel J. Travanti's brother
(Pearl Jam lead singer) Eddie Vedder's father
(Retired Athlete and motivational speaker) Henry "Gizmo" Williams’ mother - Handpainted and Customized Canes