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Links Gateway Page

This page contains a convenient listing of categories of links useful to People With MS, and in many cases, other similar disabilities and illnesses.  Pick any category to jump directly to the page with a detailed listing. Where there are multiple sub-categories on a page, use the (down) arrow to dive right into the category, and the (top)arrow to return to the top of the page.   Or use the "Way Up" button at the top of any page to return to this Gateway Page

The Latest Links New Discoveries and Submissions 
Major Drug Company Links The companies, product and support sites for medications to prevent progression
Major Organizations National and Regional Societies
Government Links Links to the relevant government agencies
General Medical Reference Sites General medical and MS specific medical reference sites.
Symptomatic Drug Links Informational links about the many drugs used to treat symptoms and side effects of MS or related diseases
Alternative Therapy Links Therapies promoted, but unapproved anywhere, not subject of clinical trials.
Community Links Many links, in many forms, to the wider MS community
Usenet Newsgroups The global perspective, viewed in glorious low-bandwidth text only message format.
Other Links If we really can't find a home for something interesting, it goes here.
Helpful Commercial Links Sources of the many everyday items people to manage life with MS.
Medical Equipment Specifically medical items 
Computer Items A range of hardware, software, and other stuff 
Depression & Suicide All about Depression and Suicide
Tips 'n' Tricks Handy Tips 'n' Tricks for Everyday living
Recipes Delicious Submitted Recipes
Computer Tips Tips and Tricks for using your computer
Poetry Pages   Inspirational pages
Go to the Crafts pages Crafts Crafts of our Chatters
Birthdays Birthdays, Anniversaries, and More Memorable Dates

This entire listing, or individual pages, can be easily copied to your local computer, and freely redistributed in unmodified form.  Please visit the Download guide for details.

Email additions to E-Mail us at with any additions to these categories.  Page Name, link address, suggested Category and/or sub-category, and a brief description based on your examination would be appreciated.

We'll add them and update the version number/date of the page, which you'll always find right here:

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