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 Firefox, Mozilla, & Thunderbird Page

This page contains information about obtaining, installing, and configuring various public domain programs from

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Overview  Obtaining Installing Configuring Using

Overview was set up in 1998 by Netscape corporation as administrator of the public domain code for the Netscape Communicator 5.0 browser.  This was only fair turnabout, since Netscape was a commercialized version of public domain code.  The Mozilla Suite was the original all encompassing product, with browser, e-mail & newsgroup client, IRC (Internet Relay Chat), HTML Editor.  Still the best bet if you want a mature, all-in-one product.  Firefox is their newer, premier standalone browser product;  fast, small footprint, and wide plug-in support.  Camino is the MacOS browser for those unhappy with Apple's Safari.  Thunderbird is their next generation e-mail and newsgroup client, with many advanced features..


You can obtain any Mozilla product easily at 

If you have a CD burner and are interested in a CD combining Firefox, Thunderbird, and other useful plug-ins, is the place to go.  (They are a non-profit fully authorized by They provide iso image files (they write the whole CD in one pass - supported by most CD burning software)


Installing these products is a piece of cake.  You can simply elect to "Open" the file upon completion of the download, and let the gremlins do the work.  Or just save it to a safe location, and later click the file to begin installation. (I'd generally suggest the later; turning off every resident program you can in advance to avoid conflicts.  But that's up to you)  Firefox will import your favorites, bookmarks, passwords, and other data from other browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape/AOL, Opera, etc.


For the most part, Mozilla and Firefox configure themselves appropriately.  Or the changes are a matter of personal preference.  So here we'll only discuss the factors relating to use on the PeopleWithMS site, and particularly for Chat

For Chat . . . 

The primary setting you have to configure yourself in Firefox regards Pop-Up Windows. 

On the Firefox Main Menu:

go to Tools => Options => Web Features

  • Click "Block Pop-Up Windows" ON

  • To the right, click "Allowed Sites"

  • Add to the allowed sites

  • Click "Allow Web Sites to Install Software" to OFF

  • OK to close out.

The primary setting you have to configure yourself in Mozilla regards Pop-Up Windows.  On the Mozilla Main Menu:

go to Edit => Preferences => Web Features

  • Click the plus sign next to "Privacy & Security" to expand it ON

  • Select "Pop-Up Windows"

  • To the right, click "Block Unrequested Pop-Up Windows" ON

  • To the right, click "Allowed Sites"

  • Add to the allowed sites

  • OK to close out.


For any product, the first place to search for help in using the product is under the Help tab on the Main Menu.  Mozilla products are no exception.  And given the competition, you can be assured there is good transitional support. Plus the Mozilla site has a wealth of information and forums to solve both the common questions and those niggling specifics.  And the Firemonger site has forums as well

Firefox has transition support built right in on the Help tab of the Main Menu.  So when you are stumped by differences in terms or usage, this is the first place to look.

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