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NPR "Fresh Air" interview of Richard Cohen MSNews  PWMS   2/24/04

"NPR recently aired an [1]interview with executive TV news producer Richard Cohen, who has been working and living with MS for 30 years (imagine covering events in war zones while legally blind!).

Danish Study on Longevity and Mortality with MS MSNews PWMS   2/24/04

A study that looked at over 9000 subjects diagnosed with MS since 1948. The median survival time from onset was 10 years shorter for multiple sclerosis patients than for the age-matched general population, and multiple sclerosis was associated with an almost threefold increase in the risk for death. According to death certificates, more than half (56.4%) of the patients had died from multiple sclerosis (what does that mean?). 

Social Security Disability Claims PWMS $ 2/24/04

This site is operated by a private law firm. This site is not associated with the Social Security Administration.

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