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AACFS Rate It!
American based web site for CFS.
Adore Rate It!
Web site put together by a teenager who has MS.
Andys home page Rate It!
Chats and links pertaining to multiple sclerosis. Providing support in the UK. Great place to visit. People are friendly and supportive here. 2 thumbs up ANDY!
Assoc. for young people with ME Rate It!
Web site for young people suffering from ME.
Bette's Bookcase Rate It!
This web site is a great place to go to read up on a women who has MG and lupus. Here is an exerpt from her web site. Being diagnosed with lupus and myasthenia gravis (commonly known as MG), I have become very active in several MG Support Clubs. I am Founder of Bette's MG Support Clubs. I suggest you read up on MG if you are wondering if you have MS or not. MS is commonly misdiagnosed and turns out to be MG. The symptoms can be very similar.
Butler's Paso Haven Rate It!
I've had MS for over 25 years. Frankly, I'm sick of it! But, since I'm stuck with it, I prefer to keep it as far in the background as I can. I'm into crossword puzzles, reading, writing for our local newspaper, helping friends with their websites, auto racing (especially NASCAR) and lots of other stuff. We live in a beautiful small town (20,000) in the Central California Coast wine country. No smog, minimal crime, minimal traffic . . . . . LIFE IS GOOD!
Going the Distance Rate It!
A group who ride bikes cross country to raise money for MS research.
MS- Alternative Therapy-BVT Rate It!
This is my story. I hope its of help to others. Its called BVT. http://www.frontiernet.net/~magjr/home.html Dianne-NY
My Moo Cow Pages Rate It!
A family safe site with all kinds of cow fun.
Pharmacy and medical supplies Rate It!
Pharmacy and medical supplies .
Rollxvans Rate It!
Get a new conversion van with a lift or get your van modified.
The whole Brain Atlas Rate It!
This is a Harvard Med school based web site so you can trust what you see here. There are actual MRI's of Brains with different diseases. Not just MRI's from MSer's .... See why its so difficult to diagnose MS.
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C - D

Canes Rate It!
healthy medical yet fashionalble canes
Celosia's Web Rate It!
A rapidly expanding portal site containing information about anything and everything...!
CFIDS association of America Rate It!
American based web site about CFS
Cross Country 2001 Wheels of HOPE Rate It!
Follow a MS Survivors efforts to ride a 3-wheeled recumbent trike accross America. One Man with MS + one 3-wheeled recumbent trike = 5000+ miles of hope. Starts April 9, 2000 with weekly updates of people he meets, scenes that he'll share and the challenges he'll confront on this solo adventure. This 47 year old MS survivor will confront his own disabilities, fight for his own independence of others, raise MS awareness, and motivate others that have MS. "For Me MS is not a disease - It is
Disability Net Rate It!
Uk based web site for people with disabilities.
Williams Sticks Rate It!
Williams sticks designed by nature
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EPVA Rate It!
Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association. They post great information on how to get wheel chairs and assistance devices.
Friends Rate It!
A personal/family story of facing the challenge of MS; inspirational and informative poetry, writing, and links; and related sites about the joy of children and grandchildren.
Friends With MS Rate It!
Support and information about MS.
Gregory McKnight's page... Rate It!
This page is quite simple...what I look like, what I like, my goals, my opinions.....I hope to see you there!
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H - J

Good shape Histamine treatment Rate It!
This web site talks about procarin and how to mix it and its use.
Ican.com Rate It!
This site is fantastic. I highly recomend you check this one out. They are an online newspaper for the disabled. If ever there was a great online paper this is it.
Independent living Aids Rate It!
A place to find great medical supplies and helpfull devices.
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K - L

Ken & Vals Page Rate It!
About Andover MS Branch, The Hive a meeeting place for people wiith MS and us.
Life with MS Rate It!
This is just about me, and my story with my dealing with MS. it also has a message board and a chat room
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M - O

Discounted Medical Rate It!
Discounted medical supplies.they guarantee lowest prices.
ME web site Rate It!
Official ME UK web site.
Med Support Rate It!
Information about medications used for MS.
Medical alert Rate It!
This is a authentic medical ID tags.
Medical supply Rate It!
This is a online catalog with over 10,000 discounted items .Delivered in the U.S.CANADA,AND INTERNATIONAL.
MHC Reporter Rate It!
This is an online newspaper for and about MS. Written by someone who has MS.
MS crossroads Rate It!
Lists of web sites posting information about MS.
MS network Rate It!
Web site about MS
MS pathfinders Rate It!
Kensington MS chapter of Canada
MS Watch Rate It!
Loads of information here about MS.
National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare Rate It!
Read up on social security and medicare at this site. This is the offical US government site for SS
National MS socitey Rate It!
This is the web site for the US based National MS socity.
Me, my life, my book, and M.E (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) I'm a British 19 year-old, smiley, happy lil lady (Tamsin is my name). Come along to find out more about me and my illness - read excerpts from my book 'Dr Pink, The Shrink & The Leprechaun' also. And don't forget to sign my Guestbook!
People With MS Rate It!
Short storries posted by people with MS.
Value Medical Supplies Rate It!
Value Medical Supplies Medical supplies and equipment.
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P - R

Pain.com Rate It!
Read up on all kinds of pain, treatments for them and learn about what causes some of these pains.
Penny Rose Canes Rate It!
This site sells canes that are beautiful, lightweight and affordable. Not your typical cane.
Pennyslvania Neurological Association Rate It!
Great information on MS written by top neurologists at the University of Pennslyvania Hospital.
Procarin Reach org. Rate It!
EDMS is pleased to announce that the Secretary of State of the State of Washington has issued a Certificate of Incorporation as a charitable organization for the PROCARIN® REACH FOUNDATION. The purpose of the foundation is to accept donations to provide assistance to MS patients who are in need and to fund continuing MS research. The foundation will be funded by EDMS, participating compounding pharmacies and individual and corporate donations. Our initial project will be to fund the first
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S - T

Share in my Victory and my Battle Rate It!
Come in visit and see what I've been up to. I am a Girl Guide Leader (my Victory) and I have links to WAGGGS. Since 1998, I've been battling MS. I have personal and medical links, dealing with this diease. My story is linked too
Shining Light Rate It!
I am Native American Cherokee with Multiple Sclerosis..my web site has my culture and several pages of M.S. there
Skydivers for MS Rate It!
Read about this group who raises money for ms research by holding an annual skydiving event in chicago.
South African National M.S. society Rate It!
This web site was created by our good friend Colin in South Africa. He did a great job on it. STop on by and take a look. Loads of information to be seen here.
Southwestern Medical online Rate It!
Southwest medical online. This link has a wide variety of medical supplies .
StumblinStyle Home Page Rate It!
One-of-a-kind customized canes. Hand painted or fabric applied, If you don't see what you like, just ask, we'll make to order if you have the pattern or fabric. Usually $50-100, air shipped. By PwMS, for PwMS.
The Serono Group Rate It!
Posts research and information dealing with MS.
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U - W

Ravens Pictures Rate It!
Take a look at all the people and places Raven has seen. Beautiful photos. Very well done web site. Easy to read and relaxing. Dont forget to sign her guestbook so she knows you were there !
World Association of Persons with Disabilities Rate It!
Whether it is termed disability,disabled, disabilities, handicapped or whatever the popular "categorizing" label....WAPD is a nonpartisan, nonprofit Association, that represents large portions of the one in five residents of earth that are being... Alive! Involved! Effective! in their daily living.
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