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Find ME.

Find me beneath all these outward things you see,
Look deep within my heart and soul and tell me now do
you see me?
Don't stare at my w/c, or cane, or walker, or braces
that I have to use to walk,
They don't have feelings that can be felt nor can they
even talk.
Look at the smile on my face that I wear proudly
Stop and talk to me not act like im not there and
stare while you walk away.
M.S. isn't something that I asked for or did anything
wrong to end up with,
Nor would I wrap it up with a pretty bow to give to
you as a gift,
Is it really that hard to see I'm the same as you and
have feelings to?
Surprising isn't it that even with M.S. I still have
needs, wants, hopes, and dreams to.
All I'm asking is to not look at the stigmatism
society has placed on me because of my disabilities,
Look past the disabilities, Look Inside my heart and
soul and Please Find ME.....

written by Debbie Frensley November 07, 2002

*On Every Journey There Is A Meaning* - Handpainted and Customized Canes