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I Am Poem
By: Cameron Dionne

Fourth Grader At: ???? Elementary School

May 15, 2007

This poem made our local newspaper and we are all so proud of him. (Judy)

I Am

         I am a loving young soldier.
  I wonder if there will be a World War III

         I hear the Iraquis coming.

     I see them running after me.
  I want to shoot but my commander says, "Wait."

         I am a loving young soldier>

  I pretended to be a soldier when I was a kid.
  I feel sick because I'm away from my family.

        I touch my soldiers shoulder.

        I worry a lot about them.
  I cry and say, "Please God, I want peace.

        I am a loving young soldier.

  I understand when someone feels worried.
        I say my prayers every night.

        I dream about my family.

        I try to be a good friend.
   I hope my prayers will come true.

        I am a loving young soldier. - Handpainted and Customized Canes