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Not Just Another Day

First morning and its air so fresh
Was the first reward I would take
Blue sky, soft wind, birds’ chirp, and pure smell
Ducks nesting around the lake

Those bunnies came out from their hiding place
And clover for breakfast they ate
Little humming bird in flight never landing it seems
Sips nectar from the flowering plate

Mid-day bees buzzing so hard at their task
Their job they will do all day

Don’t know if these creatures of God’s special plan
Consider this work or just play

By nightfall I am wondering as I look to the sky
Will tomorrow be cloudy or bright
Don’t matter, look close, you will find something new
Be glad of a new morning light

Thankful indeed, is this person of want
Up to me just where to begin
Not just another day, it is one of a kind
My senses will be tested again

"sue eichelberger" (Sae What) - Handpainted and Customized Canes