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The Horse and the Cow , Bill........... ENGLAND
things I could do , Randall Taylor (pitchmonke)
Crabbit Old Woman , anonymous, contributed by Carol
Crabby Old Man Bill........... ENGLAND
You Had the Gift of Happiness Bill...... Newcastle, England
YOU WERE NOTICED , contributed by sue eichelberger 

Pumpkin Recipe!  , contributed by sue eichelberger
The Rainbow Bridge  , contributed by Anonymous
The Nurse
, contributed by Carol Kimball

Someone Needed Me , contributed by sue eichelberger
Rod's Love Poems, contributed by Rod Ingram
Stand By Me contributed by Terri House 
poem for all mothers , contributed by sue eichelberger
Nature vs Memories , contributed by sue eichelberger
I have a brand new friend! , contributed by sue eichelberger
Not Just Another Day , contributed by sue eichelberger
I Am , contributed by Cameron Dionne
Hope For Tomorrowcontributed by Terri House
Walkingcontributed by Sue Eichelberger
The True Body Work Outcontributed by Sue Eichelberger
Untitled Poemcontributed by Shar AKA Sharon
Find Mecontributed by Debbie Frensley
MS Spoons , contributed by Marlene  
Who Are The People With MS , contributed by Nancy
What MS Feels Like , contributed by Nancy
Look At Me , contributed by Esmee
My MS Anger , contributed by Boomer


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