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Pumpkin Recipe! 

Don't throw out that old pumpkin, 
it has another use
Cut it like a jack-o-lantern,
clean out all the juice

Make the soup as follows,
potatoes, should be pared
Celery, onions, garlic,
this should be just layered

Stew meat for your pleasure,
I would boil first
Bay leafs to be added,
to make your senses burst

One can of tomatoes,
whole would be the choice
Now that, you can blend well,
the smell will be a voice

That you can share with others,
you may add your own
ideas to the mixture,
the recipe has grown

Pour in your pumpkin gently,
and put the lid on tight
Wipe pumpkin down with oil,
and don't worry it won't light

Put pumpkin in a deep pan,
and to the oven it goes
Three fifty for just two hours,
you'll swear that it just glows

You'll be the hit of the party,
for this centerpiece so fine
It came from someone close to me, 
it belongs to them, not mine

REAL RECIPE: Make any soup you want and put into a pumpkin shell, then put
the lid back on and wipe down with any oil..Cook for two hours on 350..until
brown and shiny (The soup will Not take on pumkin taste) is so pretty
to look at for fall.. I have made pumkin pie in another dish and added to the
cleaned out pumpkin to finish and followed the same as the soup direction.
Then cut pie crust into squares and backed and use for dippers…toooo cute..

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