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Shar's Untitled Poem

Well Doc, what can you tell me about the tingling, numbness and the forgetfulness?

Is there an easy test to find out what causes this illness?

MRI's, EEGs. Spinal Taps?
You are kidding right? No? Oh crap!

Ok so tell me straight Doc what can this be?
Lupus? Bird Flu? Many Mini Strokes? Lynxes? Is that what is bothering me?

Hmmm a new thing that I have heard about...
MS you say? Is it time for me to shout? 

Ok so what do about all of this?
Are you sure the tests didn't come back amiss?

So tell me straight Doc, what do I do now and how?
What do you mean the only predictable thing about MS is that its unpredictable? Are you trying to make me have a cow?

Yes, I understand that from now on my life will change in different ways?
My legs or arms might turn into something like clay?

Well Doc, there is something you don't know about me, is that I'm very strong.
Trust me, people won't know anything is wrong.

I will go through my days in my regular way.
And if I have to, I will ignore what they say.

Well, thank you Doc for your time and information
I guess what I have wasn't my imagination.

THANK YOU SO MUCH SHAR AKA SHARON - Handpainted and Customized Canes