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The Nurse

The bread and butter of nursing home care
Is the lady or gentleman of clever affair
They waitress memorizing orders in explicit detail
Feed mouths that won't open, and rarely they fail
They councel a resident out of a blue mood, have no fear
Convincing that both breakfast and a 200 foot stroll is the residents idea.

They can recognize a particular set of dentures from across the hall
And predict what time of day a resident might fall.
One will have ten people ready for breakfast by seven
feed, toilet, bathe, dress, ambulate ten people by eleven
Taken in stride are bruises sustained from a walker,
Wielded by a confused lady as she talked her....
Out of hitchhiking two towns away.

They chuckle at the absurdity of the things they might say,
Good Morning! How about an enema today?
They manipulate equipment while wearing gloves more suited for feet.
A spontaneous bowel movement is really a treat.
They go home at night or morning disheveled and sore.
Wearing dietary supplements of all color consistency and odor.
They take the bad with the good and more bad on most days
The mystery is why he or she stays.
So lets take a moment to offer our praises
To the love and commitment of our great nurses

Carol Kimball

(Citrine) - Handpainted and Customized Canes