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The True Body Work Out

The True Body Work Out

For All Those Multiple Sclerosis People like me

Older and wiser, I'll start with the feet
Not pretty to look at, have to look down to meet

Mine our quit numb now, and I miss them so much
no heel and toe movement, toes in a bunch

The legs that go up that still hold me up
Move slower and slower, as weak as a pup

The torso still working, it keeps me upright
reminds me of insides that lay still in the night

Arms are in motion down to those hands
that are clumsy and tight like small rubber bands

The head is the problem, with the king of the throne
That brain with it's MS, won't leave us alone

The brain says keep working on those other parts
With MS, the brain waves, have all those brain tarts
The connections to others in this body of whole
gets broken and cross mixed in signals to go

No complaining you see, but I sure would enjoy
a full body workout if this brain would employ

by saeich48

Author's Comments:
"Never paid attention to MS, until I was the one. For a person who likes
their brain power, it is not so pleasant
" - Handpainted and Customized Canes