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Took a walk today, down the road
Along the way I see not a toad
But a deer in the distance, standing so still
It stood there so silent, I thought it not real

I walked down the dirt road, away from my home
Away from that ho hum, I walked all alone
I walked through the creek, that was visibly low
The leaves in the water, moved visibly slow

I walked up that back hill, where we would mow hay
I walked down the pasture, where I sometimes lay
I walked back to my home, to the bedroom I went
Thinking of my walk, and the time that I spent

This was a daydream, of time that has past
Legs are too weak now, to move near that fast
But daydreams are fun when the subject is clear
Of memories you treasure and hold oh so dear

Sue Eichelberger..Bless us all - Handpainted and Customized Canes