Thinking out loud!
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These are some articles that are written under the title “WHY IS IT?” They started out as “thinking out aloud” comments that I wrote these a few years back,  They were in the Australian monthly newsletter  "Mentioning Stuff"  Kanga aka Jennifer 


The morning you are running late, do you blame the alarm for not going off, or your MS for the mess you are in?

 You yell at the eight year old to get ready for school while he is glued to the cartoons on TV. You slip in the shower, have trouble hooking up your bra, (yell at the kid to get dressed again), lose your balance trying to get two legs in the one hole in your knickers. (Yell at the kid again) Almost re-pierce another hole in your ear lobe and mascara a perfect panda eye when your hand shakes. When you think that it would be have better to stay in bed and you are ready to yell at the him again, the now perfectly dressed kid offer to do up your shoes (the ones
you have thrown across the room in frustration, after you laddered your stockings and couldn’t get the buckle done up) and the world doesn’t seem so bad after all!!


That sometimes the obvious has to really hit us in the face before we really accept that life after the big “D” (diagnosis day) has changed us? 

My best friend had organized an instructor to come out from the Ballarat Aquatic Center to hold a class in the local sporting complex for the mid-week women’s fitness group. Nothing unusual about that you say? Those that know me well, realize that I am one of the fortunate ones that can still ride bikes with her kids, attend gym, swim and use a treadmill at home. With some confidence I could also attend a class called “Body Balance”! After all it was just gentle exercises, combining some Tai Chi, yoga meditation, and if I was going to write about “alternate therapies” I had better practice some – no hassles! NO matter that my 15 year old commented that really should I just not observe instead of joining in? No way, my MS had never stopped me from doing anything I had my heart set on, sometimes it might delay the timing of things but had never stopped me. So, along with 30 other women I eagerly joined in! After 15 mins I cam to the startlingly conclusion, that subconsciously I had been avoiding for years. I am not the “normal” run of the mill girl anymore – I have - dare I say it? – a disability- Needless to say this was a day that ended in tears and I don’t suppose it will the last, frustration, fear anger, helplessness are all part of the MS cycle. As is happiness, contentment, love and family. It’s just a matter of finding the right balance, keeping a positive attitude and praying for that MAGIC cure.