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 Usenet Newsgroups

USENET started long before the technology of discussion forums, chats, medical or company web sites.  There are over 100,000 newsgroups covering most any subject.  It is not dependant on any company, web site, or country.  It lives on because it does not depend on advanced hardware or software technology unavailable in many parts of the world.  Information is the key, presentation with Direct-X, Flash Media, Real Audio, and Java animations is a nicety.  Oftentimes the information which currently makes it's way to websites starts here.  

USENET newsreaders are incorporated in all major browsers.  You only need to determine the news server's name from your ISP to configure your browser to connect to USENET. This is the original, big MS newsgroup on USENET.  This is the starting point for any history or current public global perspective of MS.  Lots of message traffic all the time.  Many Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) presented periodically.  If somebody is talking about it, they're talking here!
Other Newsgroups There are a number of other newsgroups relevant to People With MS.  We'll add them as they are suggested. Google (successor to DejaNews) is the major search engine for finding any of 10-15 years of information posted on USENET.  They maintain a huge database of historical postings.  If anybody ever talked about it, you'll find it here!

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