Hyperbaric Chamber

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Baggie Boy's experience with the Hyperbaric Chamber 

Dear Chatters 

This is a photo of the hyper baric chamber were I ( Baggie Boy ) and UK Sandy go for treatment for MS you sit in the air tight chamber and breath pure oxygen ( look's spooky but I assure you it isn't ) any way they say breathing pure oxygen knits muscle damage, Don't know if its true but i would not like to find out by stopping the treatment to find out.

The treatment last's for one hour and you just sit and read or listen to the radio and just chill out while you having the treatment then when we come out of the chamber we all sit and natter over tea/coffee, the centre we go to is near to Wolferhampton City centre in the UK, I like to attend the MS centre for the social aspect of it and its some were you go and you don't have to try and hide your disability because every one's been there or done it and got the T shirt.

So those of you who ever get the chance to go into a hyper baric chamber go and give it ago its worth a try ( because its only like an alternative medicine ) so any thing's worth ago if it helps. Let us know if you do 

( Baggie Boy ) - Handpainted and Customized Canes