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July 2, 2007 Off the Wire . . .



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Observational study of childhood-onset MS

European researchers have published a new analysis of the characteristics of pediatric-onset MS, based on the experiences of 394 people with MS onset at age 16 or younger. This analysis made use of the records in a large-scale natural history database (EDMUS -- European Database for Multiple Sclerosis) and confirms results from earlier, smaller studies. For instance, this study confirmed that when MS occurs in childhood or adolescence, it takes longer to reach certain disability milestones or convert to secondary progressive disease. However, these events occur at a younger age when compared to adult-onset MS. Perhaps this means that youth is protective against lasting damage to a certain extent, but that this protection eventually fails.

Another finding was that the female:male ratio is higher in childhood-onset MS than in adult-onset MS (2.8 vs. 1.8). There were also differences in the type of symptoms experienced by the two onset groups, which you can read about by clicking on the link above.

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