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July 13, 2007 Off the Wire . . .



Google Alerts for Multiple Sclerosis Jul 13, 2007

Google News Alert for: MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS

Lannett Gets Added Baclofen Approval
Forbes - NY,USA
The drug, also called Baclofen, is a muscle relaxant and treats spasms associated with multiple sclerosis. The approval is for the 10-milligram tablet dose ...
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Tidalwave hires award-winning digital planner
Brand Republic (subscription) - London,UK
... more than 12 years, joins from the direct marketing agency HTW, where he worked for clients ranging from Microsoft to the Multiple Sclerosis Society. ...
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Cross-Canada cyclist urges gifts to local MS chapters
Sault Star - Sault Ste-Marie,Ontario,Canada
Adam's trip for the Multiple Sclerosis Society began at the edge of Cape Breton, NS, and will continue until it's conclusion at Bear Cove, the northern ...
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Iowan to host webcast on Multiple Sclerosis
Radio Iowa - Des Moines,IA,USA
By Pat Curtis An Iowan, who's an expert on Multiple Sclerosis, will be leading a webcast tonight regarding MS and it's affect on relationships. ...
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Google Blogs Alert for: MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Methods
Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease and affects the central nervous system. Central nervous system is made up of nerves that act as the body's messenger system. It damages the myelin sheath, the material that surrounds and ...
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I was hoping to visit the Chemung River
By pb(pb)
without the HuggaMutt this week, but guess what? It ain't gonna happen. I need my little buddy to keep me honest. I will clean house instead. Almost didn't visit the neuro yesterday. I can only see him M, W, F. ...
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Multiple Sclerosis conference
The theme is self care, self management and Multiple Sclerosis. Speakers include specialist practitioners and service users as well as key speakers from the Department of Health and Skills for Health. There is no charge but it is ...
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Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms: Multiple Sclerosis Hug or Girdle
By squiffy2
This is the term for one of the rather strange and weird symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis which can be classed as one of the many invisible symptoms but also as a spasm-type symptom. The derivation of the term will become clear upon ...
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CARS imaging shows calcium ions may have role in multiple sclerosis
Researchers at Purdue University have discovered that calcium ions could play a crucial role in multiple sclerosis by activating enzymes that degrade the fatty sheath that insulates nerve fibres. The researchers employed an imaging ...
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