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July 20, 2007 Off the Wire . . .



Google Alerts for Multiple Sclerosis July 20, 2007

Google News Alert for: MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS

OHSU Scientists Begin Trials On MS Drug - Portland,OR,USA
Portland is testing a drug that some experts said could be a breakthrough treatment for people with multiple sclerosis. Scientists at Oregon Health ...
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A Promising Pipeline At Pipex
BusinessWeek - USA
One is a further oral formulation called Trimesta, for women with multiple sclerosis. It has completed Phase I/II trials, funded by a $5 million grant from ...
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Nuon Therapeutics raises $5M in first round
San Francisco Business Times - San Francisco,CA,USA
Nuon will spend this money testing the asthma drug tranilast, now sold in Japan and South Korea, as a treatment for multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid ...
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Biotechnology Start-up Nuon Therapeutics Inc. Completes $5 Million ...
Business Wire (press release) - San Francisco,CA,USA
Nuon Therapeutics is a drug development company focusing on novel therapies for autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases such as multiple sclerosis and ...
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Google Blogs Alert for: MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS

The Cheap, Safe and Effective Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis ...
By czes
In a recent interview, a victim of Multiple Sclerosis revealed how she has been symptom-free for the past 10 years. The success she has experienced has compelled her to bring her research to the medical community in hopes of helping ...
Multiple sclerosis cure Enigma -

AKU experts publish new data on multiple sclerosis
By bipin
"We describe retrospective data from the largest series of patients with multiple sclerosis from Pakistan. Mean age at onset was 27 years, with a female to male ratio of 1.45:1," the scientists reported. ...
Ismaili Blog -

The David Wright Foundation Donates $10800 to NMSSLI
Melville, NY--The David Wright Foundation, an organization founded in 2005 by New York Met, David Wright, has donated $10800 to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Long Island Chapter. The donation was made to cover respite care for ...
Stu's Views and MS Related News -

AKU experts publish new data on multiple sclerosis
By ismailimail
Experts at the Aga Khan University Hospital have published what is believed to be the first in-depth study into multiple sclerosis (MS) in Pakistan. MS varies considerably in Asian countries, but, in general, occurs less than in ...
Ismaili Mail -

MS in Pakistan
Researchers from Aga Khan University have just published data from the first in-depth study of multiple sclerosis in Pakistan. They enrolled 142 people with MS recruited from 5 centers across...
About Multiple Sclerosis -

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