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New SSDI Guidebook Available To Individuals With Mutiple Sclerosis

Main Category: Multiple Sclerosis
Article Date: 05 Mar 2008 - 4:00 PST

During the week of March 10-17, 2008, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society is helping communities and organizations across the country raise awareness and raise funds in the battle against MS. Organizations, including Allsup Inc., which is a national SSDI representation company, are raising awareness about this disease and the resources that are available.

According to the National MS Society, one person every hour is diagnosed with MS, which is an autoimmune disease affecting the central nervous system. This disease affects about 2.5 million people worldwide and 400,000 people in the United States, including many people who must stop working because of the disease.

"Though our efforts to build awareness, understanding and support for the MS cause will certainly continue long past the parameters of this week, we hope by helping to shine a weeklong spotlight on a disease that strikes someone new each hour, we can strengthen the nationwide commitment to unraveling the mysteries of multiple sclerosis," said Joyce Nelson, president and CEO of the National MS Society.

The National MS Society has developed a new resource to help people who are no longer able to work due to an MS-related disability. The SSDI Guidebook for People with MS is among the materials the society offers on its Web site, The guide can be found by clicking on the "Living with MS" link from the home page. The guidebook explains the process of applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), which often is a complex and lengthy process.

The MS Society also provides materials to people who are recently diagnosed and working on how to handle the diagnosis, how to communicate with their employers, and how to decide whether to continue working.

Allsup salutes the MS Society and related organizations across the country in recognizing the difficulties facing people who are diagnosed with this disease and the repercussions for their families.

MS Society

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