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MS Society Criticises Producers Of The Bill Over Made-up Drug, UK

Main Category: Multiple Sclerosis
Article Date: 07 Mar 2008 - 5:00 PST

The MS Society has criticised series producers of The Bill following an episode that featured an entirely made-up drug, which a storyline claimed was available for people with relapsing remitting MS.

The episode, broadcast on 5 March, featured the story of Michael Drummond and 'Plavitron' - a drug that viewers were told was available in America.

The MS Society Helpline received a number of calls from people with MS keen to find out more about the ficticious drug, who were disappointed to find out it didn't exist.

MS Society spokesman, Chris Bentley, said: "There are few effective treatments for MS and any mention of a new drug generates a lot of hope and excitement in people living with and affected by the condition.

"Our Helpline has taken a number of calls from people wanting to know more about the made-up drug Plavitron and we've had to tell them it doesn't exist.

"It was grossly irresponsible of the Bill to make up a drug. People with MS have a tough enough time as it is without being misled over treatments."

MS Society

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