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April 2008 Off the Wire . . .



04-01-08 A Gene Responsible For Cases Of Lou Gehrig's Disease Identified By Researchers
04-02-08 Scientists create retinal cells from stem cells
04-07-08 Novartis branded Betaseron approved in Europe as Extavia
04-08-08 Norwegian Researchers Confirm Higher Rates Of Symptoms Of Depression And Anxiety In People With MS
04-08-08 Multiple Sclerosis-Like Disease In Mice Prevented By Caffeine
04-08-08 In Lou Gehrig's Disease Leaky Blood Vessels Open Up Nerve Cells To Toxic Assault
04-08-08 Peptimmune Completes Phase I Study with a Novel Peptide Copolymer for the Treatment of MS
04-08-08 Studying how heat affects MS symptoms
04-09-08 New Wesley Research Institute Study Aims To Halt The Progression Of Multiple Sclerosis
04-09-08 Increasing Positive Experiences Decreases Depression Symptoms In Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
04-09-08 Accelerated Cure Project repository overview video
04-10-08 Interview with Researchers
04-10-08 Natalizumab treatment in pediatric multiple sclerosis: A case report.
04-10-08 Mast cell transcriptional networks.
04-10-08 CD127 immunophenotyping suggests altered CD4(+) T cell regulation in primary progressive multiple sclerosis.
04-11-08 New Conference For Healthcare Professionals Addresses The Complexities Of Multiple Sclerosis
04-11-08 The MS Trust Launches MS Awareness 2008, UK
04-11-08 Scientists Witness Neurogenesis
04-11-08 The role of iron dysregulation in the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis: an Egyptian study.
04-11-08 Gene expression analysis of interferon-{beta} treatment in multiple sclerosis.
04-13-08 Potential Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis Begins Clinical Trials
04-14-08 Society Funds Novel Clinical Trial Of Harmless Worms, Based On 'Hygiene Hypothesis'
04-14-08 How does Interferon Beta work in MS?
04-15-08 Acute promyelocytic leukemia after mitoxantrone therapy for multiple sclerosis.
04-15-08 Largest Ever Study Of Genetics Of Common Disease Just Got Bigger
04-15-08 FTY720, Novel Oral Therapy In Development For MS, Shows Sustained Benefits For The Majority Of Patients After Three Years Of Treatment
04-16-08 High-Dose, High-Frequency Interferon Produces No Additional Benefit On Efficacy Compared To AVONEX(R) In Patients With RRMS
04-16-08 Pluristem's PLX Cells Show A Statistically Significant Advantage In A Pre-Clinical Study In The Multiple Sclerosis Model
04-16-08 Good News for Oral MS Drug Fingolimod
04-17-08 New Data Show Treatment Of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) With AVONEX® (interferon Beta-1a) Enhances Quality Of Life
04-17-08 Stay Active With The MS Competition - UK
04-17-08 Opexa Therapeutics Presents Tovaxin Phase I/II Data At The American Academy Of Neurology 60th Annual Meeting
04-18-08 Xanthus' Symadex Reverses Disease In Preclinical Mouse Models Of Multiple Sclerosis
04-18-08 Early Treatment With COPAXONE(R) Significantly Delayed Progression To Clinically Definite Multiple Sclerosis
04-18-08 Fully Differentiated Cells Can Be Reprogrammed To Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
04-18-08 Disappointing Trials Results For Sativex, UK
04-18-08 New European Multiple Sclerosis Platform Project: Roundtable For National Endorsement Of The EMSP "Code" And Consensus Papers
04-19-08 Report Of Latest EMSP Conference, Noordwijk, November 2007 Reflects Progress Made In The Endorsement Process Of The "Code" And Consensus Papers
04-19-08 Successful Patient Advocacy Work In Slovakia - "The Association Of Young People With MS" In Slovakia Makes Changes Happen
04-20-08 Reykjavik Conference 2008 - "Living Independently With Multiple Sclerosis" - Topic Of Next EMSP Conference Planned In Reykjavik, 22- 25 May, 2008
04-20-08 Germany: 'History Of MS' Short Film Now Available
04-21-08 Genentech And Biogen Idec Announce Top-Line Results From A Phase II/III Clinical Trial Of Rituxan In Primary-Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
04-21-08 Idera Pharmaceuticals Presents Data From Study Of Toll-Like Receptor Antagonist In Preclinical Model Of Multiple Sclerosis
04-21-08 Potential MS Therapy Advanced By Minnesota Partnership
04-22-08 New Campaign Launched During MS Week
04-22-08 SF-1019 - another compound to track
04-22-08 Results from German MS/statins trial
04-24-08 Accelerated Cure Project For Multiple Sclerosis Is One Thousand Steps Closer To A Cure For MS
04-24-08 MS Society Comments On Stem Cells Story
04-24-08 Registry Will Track Multiple Sclerosis To Help Combat The Disease, USA
04-25-08 DNA Vaccines May Offer Hope In MS
04-25-08 Birth of a debate: Man-cow hybrid embryo creates row
04-28-08 Neuroscience researcher working toward a cure for MS

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