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Multiple Sclerosis, A Communication Breakdown - Research Profile From The Canadian Institutes Of Health Research (CIHR)

Main Category: Multiple Sclerosis
Article Date: 07 May 2008 - 3:00 PDT
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is, essentially, a failure to communicate. In a person with MS, the immune system has run amok, destroying the protective myelin coat that surrounds nerve cells. Without this myelin, messages cannot travel between the brain and the body as quickly as they can in a healthy person, and the exposed nerve cells begin to die. People with MS experience a wide range of unpredictable symptoms, including loss of balance, impaired vision and speech, extreme fatigue and paralysis.

Canadians have an extremely high rate of MS, but we also have some of the most innovative MS research programs in the world. May is MS month. In light of this, we are highlighting CIHR researchers who are increasing our understanding of this mysterious disease, developing better treatments and improving the lives of people with MS. Check back each week to learn about a new research project.

Week 1: MS from a kid's perspective
Week 2: A front-row seat at the revolution
Week 3: Growing nerve cells from skin cells
Week 4: Freedom to move

To read this month's research profile, visit:

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

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