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May 2008 Off the Wire . . .




A Brief Look into Studies Significant to MS

Articles Provided by Neurology
Submitted to NewsWire: 31 May 2008 
A. McKeon, V. A. Lennon, T. Lotze, S. Tenenbaum, J. M. Ness, M. Rensel, N. L. Kuntz, J. P. Fryer, H. Homburger, J. Hunter, B. G. Weinshenker, K. Krecke, C. F. Lucchinetti, and S. J. Pittock
CNS aquaporin-4 autoimmunity in children
Neurology published May 28, 2008 

J. William Lindsey, Michael P. Crawford, and Landon M. Hatfield
           Soluble Nogo-A in CSF is not a useful biomarker for multiple sclerosis
published May 21, 2008 
G. C. Ebers, L. Heigenhauser, M. Daumer, C. Lederer, and J. H. Noseworthy
Disability as an outcome in MS clinical trials
Neurology published May 14, 2008 

B. M. Herrera, S. V. Ramagopalan, M. R. Lincoln, S. M. Orton, M. J. Chao, A. D. Sadovnick, and G. C. Ebers
 Parent-of-origin effects in MS. Observations from avuncular pairs
Neurology published May 14, 2008 

M. Matiello, V. A. Lennon, A. Jacob, S. J. Pittock, C. F. Lucchinetti, D. M. Wingerchuk, and B. G. Weinshenker
 NMO-IgG predicts the outcome of recurrent optic neuritis
Neurology published April 23, 2008 

Omar Ghaffar and Anthony Feinstein
 Multiple sclerosis and cannabis.  A cognitive and psychiatric study
Neurology published February 13, 2008 

N. M. Moll, A. M. Rietsch, A. J. Ransohoff, M. B. Cossoy, D. Huang, F. S. Eichler, B. D. Trapp, and R. M. Ransohoff
 Cortical demyelination in PML and MS: Similarities and differences
Neurology published October 3, 2007

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