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The MS Society's Top Volunteers Are Online To Answer Your Questions, UK

Main Category: Multiple Sclerosis
Article Date: 08 Jul 2008

This week three of the MS Society's trustees - Amanda Cox, Caroline Green and Stuart Nixon - are online to answer your questions about their role at the MS Society.

The trustees are a board of volunteers who are ultimately responsible for deciding how the MS Society achieves the aims set out in its strategy. Most of them are people who have direct experience of living with multiple sclerosis (MS), either because they have MS themselves, or because someone close to them does.

You can see from three film interviews that their mix of skills and experience is crucial to the Society. They all bring something different to the table in a bid to ensure that the Society punches its weight on behalf of people with MS - whether increasing our investment in research, campaigning for the adoption of independent living, striving to bring in new volunteers to help us deliver care and support across the UK, and more.

So if you have ever wondered why the Society works as it does, this is your chance to find out. Whether you want to know about our policies on research and social care, what the trustees think about the branch network, how they got involved, or more, please post your questions on our Q and A message board.

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