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August 2008 Off the Wire . . .



08-01-08 Adult Stem Cells Reprogrammed To Become Myelin-Making Cells
08-02-08 BioMS Medical Completes Patient Recruitment In Phase III U.S. Multiple Sclerosis Trial
08-03-08 Research Team Creates Human ALS Motor Neurons: First Disease-Specific Stem Cells From Human Skin Cells
08-03-08 NY Stem Cell Foundation Plays Critical Funding Role In Major New ALS Research
08-04-08 Multiple Sclerosis: new MRI contrast medium enables early diagnosis in animal model
08-04-08 Pharmaceutical Company Confirms Two Cases Of PML In People With MS Taking Tysabri
08-04-08 Atrophy in white matter fiber tracts in multiple sclerosis is not dependent on tract length or local white matter lesions.
08-12-08 World-Class MS Information At The Touch Of A Button
08-13-08 Pluristem's PLX-MS Shows Potential Benefit In The Prevention Of Multiple Sclerosis
08-14-08 Adult stem cells activated in mammalian brain
08-14-08 Neurogenesis in the chronic lesions of multiple sclerosis
08-14-08 BioMS Medical Announces Positive Interim Analysis On Phase III Trial Of Dirucotide (MBP8298) For Multiple Sclerosis
08-14-08 European Medicines Agency Update On Progressive Multifocalleukoencephalopathy (PML) And Tysabri
08-15-08 Nutra Pharma Announces Initial Positive Safety Data From Clinical Study In Adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN)
08-21-08 World-Class MS Information At The Touch Of A Button
08-22-08 Arthritis: Vioxx alternative is also killing the patient
08-23-08 Study Highlights Link Between Vitamin D And Multiple Sclerosis
08-31-08 Enrollment Complete In 15-Year Long-Term Follow-Up Study Evaluating Impact Of AVONEX(R) In Patients With Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis

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