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September 2008 Off the Wire . . .



09-01-08 New Quality Assurance On The Way For Health And Social Care Information, UK
09-03-08 Multiple Sclerosis - Jeffery D. Kocsis, Ph.D. And Wayne State Graduate To Receive The Da Vinci Lifetime Achievement Award
09-04-08 MS Market Is Estimated To Be Worth Almost US$8 Billion In 2008, With A Growth Rate Of 10.6% Year-On-Year
09-04-08 Regulatory Immune Cells Not Defective In Multiple Sclerosis
09-04-08 UPDATE 2-BioMS multiple sclerosis drug gets FDA fast track
09-05-08 Opexa Therapeutics And Myelin Repair Foundation Partner On Novel Multiple Sclerosis Research Program
09-05-08 Early relapses after the first dose of natalizumab in active multiple sclerosis patients
09-05-08 Outcome measures for trials of remyelinating agents in multiple sclerosis: retrospective longitudinal analysis of visual evoked potential latency
09-06-08 IMPAX Reports Positive Results in Phase III Trial with IPX056
09-09-08 2008 Da Vinci Awards For Wheelchair Enhancing Ideas - National MS Society Celebrating New Adaptive, Assistive Technologies
09-09-08 Sports-Cheat Drug Enhances Memory
09-10-08 Neural Cells Derived From Human Embryonic Stem Cells Reduce Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms
09-13-08 Positive Results From Small Study Assessing The Safety Of LDN, UK
09-13-08 Sativex Study Confirms Long Term Effectiveness In MS Neuropathic Pain
09-15-08 New Research Shows Progress Towards Reversing Nerve Damage
09-15-08 Acorda Therapeutics To Present Phase 3 Fampridine-SR Data At World Congress On Treatment And Research In Multiple Sclerosis Meeting
09-16-08 Betaseron(R) To Offer The Thinnest Needle In Multiple Sclerosis
09-17-08 Scottish Research Highlights Possible Role Of Vitamin D In MS
09-17-08 Funding From The NIH For Multiple Disease-Related Research
09-17-08 Teva To Present New Treatment Data At World Congress For Multiple Sclerosis
09-18-08 Major Study Shows MS Is A Global Disease
09-19-08 EndMS Speeds Research Effort, Pushes To Cure Multiple Sclerosis
09-19-08 Merck Serono Announces Initiation Of The ORACLE MS Trial To Evaluate Cladribine Tablets In Patients At Risk Of Developing Multiple Sclerosis
09-19-08 Longest Prospective Study In MS Confirmed Robust Clinical Benefits And Safety Of COPAXONE(R)
09-19-08 New Long-Term Data Show That Patients Taking AVONEX/(R) For Up To 15 Years Experience Reduced Disability Progression And Improved Quality Of Life
09-19-08 Laquinimod Demonstrated Significant And Sustained Impact On Multiple Sclerosis Disease Activity
09-19-08 Journal Of Clinical Investigation: Sept. 18, 2008
09-20-08 New Data Presented At WCTRIMS Supports The Importance Of Early And Sustained Treatment With Betaseron(R)
09-21-08 Additional Data From Second Positive Phase 3 Study Of Fampridine-SR At World Congress On Treatment And Research In Multiple Sclerosis
09-22-08 Opexa Announces Top-Line Results From Phase IIb Clinical Trial Of Tovaxin(R) For The Treatment Of Multiple Sclerosis
09-22-08 TYSABRI(R) Demonstrates Sustained Improvement In Functional Outcomes In Multiple Sclerosis Patients According To New Post-Hoc Analysis
09-22-08 Society Joins Medical Research Awards
09-23-08 ATL/TV1102 Trial Results Presented At World Congress On Treatment And Research In Multiple Sclerosis
09-23-08 Results From IMPROVE Study Show Therapeutic Effect Of New Formulation Of Rebif(R) At 16 Weeks In Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
09-24-08 MS Society Welcomes Labour's Commitment On Prescription Charges, UK
09-24-08 Merck Serono Completes Enrollment In The REFLEX Trial Of Rebif(R) In Patients At Risk Of Developing Multiple Sclerosis
09-24-08 Show Therapeutic Effect Of New Formulation Of Rebif(R) At 16 Weeks In Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
09-25-08 European Medicines Agency Recommends Update Of Product Information OfTysabri And Risk Of Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML)
09-26-08 Five Year Data Confirm That Early Treatment With Betaferon® At First Sign Of Disease Can Delay Progression To MS
09-26-08 The Majority Of Children Vaccinated Against Hepatitis B Are Not At Increased Risk Of MS
09-30-08 Suspicious Immune Molecule Elevated In MS Patients

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