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October 2008 Off the Wire . . .



10-04-08 BioMS Medical's Phase III U.S. Multiple Sclerosis Trial Receives Positive Safety Review From Data Safety Monitoring Board
10-05-08 Developments In Technology May Help Diagnose MS In The Future
10-07-08 Autoimmune Disease May Be Triggered By Neurotransmitter Defect
10-07-08 MS Pushed Up The Agenda At Party Conferences
10-07-08 Glasgow-based Researchers Develop 'Ground-Breaking' Blood Test
10-14-08 Pathology Of Multiple Sclerosis Determined By Response To Immune Protein
10-16-08 Early Treatment With Betaferon At First Sign Of Disease Can Delay Progression To MS
10-17-08 Support Multiple Sclerosis By The Book - MS Talent Project Publishes Second Anthology On 19 November, 2008
10-22-08 Commision For Social Care Inspection Proposals Need Action Now - MS Society Cautiously Welcomes Today's Proposals, UK
10-23-08 Underlying Cause Of Multiple Sclerosis Targeted By Alemtuzumab
10-23-08 Statement On University Of Cambridge Miltiple Sclerosis Drug Study
10-23-08 Drug Offers Hope For Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers - Not Only Does It Stop The Disease, Research Indicates It May Restore Lost Function
10-23-08 Light Shed On Motor Neuron Diseases Like ALS Folowing Gene Discovery
10-23-08 MS Damage May Be Reversed By Leukemia Drug
10-25-08 Multiple Sclerosis Disease Activity Reduced After Taking Oral Fumarate
10-26-08 BG-12, Biogen Idec's Novel Oral Compound Shown To Significantly Reduced Brain Lesions In Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
10-27-08 Dalton Pharma Services And Myelin Repair Foundation Enter Into Chemistry Collaboration
10-27-08 MS Patients Have Significant And Sustained Reduction In Disability And Risk Of Relapse On Alemtuzumab Versus Approved Therapy, Rebif(R)
10-29-08 The Right B Cells At The Right Time Fight Nerve Disease
10-29-08 AbleNet's Impulse™ Bluetooth(R) Technology Access For Computers For People With Significant Physical Limitations
10-30-08 Obesity, Other Health Problems Delay MS Diagnosis
10-31-08 Interferon Could Be A Key To Preventing Or Treating Multiple Sclerosis

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