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December 2008 Off the Wire . . .



12-05-08 MS Society Calls For Law Change On Unproven Stem Cell Trials
12-11-08 Sheffield Hallam University Seeks Early Diagnosis For MS
12-11-08 If MRI Shows Signs Of MS, Will The Disease Develop?
12-13-08 New Website For People With Multiple Sclerosis
12-15-08 Multiple Sclerosis - FTY720 (Fingolimod) Trial Results
12-15-08 IMPAX Provides Update On Meeting With FDA To Review Phase III Trial Results For IPX056
12-16-08 Royal Hospital For Neuro-disability And Channel 4 Highlight Ability In Disability, England
12-17-08 Preventing A Recurrence Of The Northwick Park Trial
12-17-08 The End Of A New Era? - Scientists In Mainz And Zürich Have Contested A Popular Hypothesis Concerning The Emergence Of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
12-18-08 MRI Scans Can Predict Effects Of MS Flare-Ups On Optic Nerve
12-18-08 Cognition Pharmaceuticals Announces Positive Memory Results For Phase II Trial Of C105 In Multiple Sclerosis
12-23-08 EUR 7 Million Grants Boost Trophos Cholesterol-oxime Programs For ALS, MS And Other Neurodegenerative Diseases
12-30-08 Teva Introduces New Thinner 29-Gauge Needle For COPAXONE® Pre-Filled Syringe
12-31-08 Alnylam Publishes Pre-Clinical Research On Direct CNS Delivery Of RNAi Therapeutics

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