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January 10, 2009 

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PeopleWithMS - Intro
We had many new chatters in visiting for our New Years Party, and staying over the weekend into this week.  Welcome all ! It's very exciting meeting all of you, hearing your stories. This is a great way to start a New Year!  Our MS Family keeps growing over the years. We hope that new chatters will find in our chat the special something you could never find in other chats. We try our best to learn from others mistakes. It has gained us the best msers chatters online! We listen and are open minded.

Our biggest dream has always been for all of you to run the chat room.  Well,  it's close to that now. We could have never done it without all of you pitching in to make it happen ! Think of this room as your second home, and make it yours! We have chatters in here 24-7 many nights.  We might well have a roomful at 3 am or 4 am almost anytime, for any reason that somebody needs to chat or someone is here to listen.   We promise not to make you chat about MS all day and night LOL.  What we need is laughter, We all do. We cry in chat we laugh and we support each other. Most of all no one sits on that pitty pot to long! 

A Word from Our Sponsor . . . PeopleWithMS:  We do not solicit, and we won't run any ads on our site from any outside sources.  So you never need fear get infected by some bad banner ad, link, or their hidden payload.  The only thing we ever even e-mail out is the Newsletter if you sign up for it.  You can read that online if you are at all concerned (proper use of firewalls, blast shields, and X-Ray sunglasses are the reader's responsibility)


PeopleWithMS Newsletter 12302008 PWMS Chat Update: 

Chat Star



Hi, my name is David. I'm SPMS dx coming up 14yrs now. I am married.

MS hit me right out of the blue. I went to bed one night as usual and woke up next morning to find that I was seeing double. In that instant my life changed for ever. I was sent for an MRI scan the results of which showed that I had four areas of damage on my spinal cord. Although the Doctors knew that it was MS, I was not told it was until I had a major relapse almost 5 years later, even then they said that although it probably was MS it could not be confirmed until I had a second relapse which I duly did have.  I was in bed one morning and felt a cramp in my leg and then within 90 mins it felt like a line had been drawn down the centre of my body with no feeling of any kind on one side of it. The Doctors told me that ' hopefully I would recover' and after about 4 months I started getting feelling back again but it never came back to anything like it was. I was told at the Hospital that they (at that time), didn't have any information they could give me about MS and that the best place for me to get any was the internet. I was not even told that in the same town that the hospital was in there was a local branch of the MS Society. I wrote to as many places that I could find to get as much information as I get about MS.               (more )

Coordinator of Room Administrators

Linda-NV is coordinating all Room Administrators Please contact her with any problems. She may make some suggestions about how to be a more effective Room Administrator. Work with her she has some very good ideas. We need Team work! She will help with anything she can when it comes to helping others in chat.  

Or contact us at

Chat Coordinator!

Norma is coordinating chats.  Please contact her for any changes. All you have to do is look at the schedule for and find a place that fits  when hosting is good for you.  If somebody is already hosting then, pop in to support them, and let them know you'll back-up, or buddy host with them.  Just let her know what you choose! Norma's email is 


Chat Hosting Schedule                                                                                                      

The Chat Schedule breaks things down by day, and show the equivalent times in different time zones.  Hopefully this will make it a bit clearer how an Eastern Standard Time relates to your personal timezone or country.    

Reading the schedule is easy: Just click on the day of the week to jump down.  and then look down from your local time zone on top to the time you are interested in => bold times are when hosts have volunteered to be present.  

Knowing someone is available to provide support at dependable, specific local times makes a chat more successful.  

Please, if you go in chat and a host does not answer you right away, please wait,  Our hosts do a 2 hours stretch and need bathroom time and coffee time.  So if they're away right at the sec you arrive, be patient, they will come back.

Click Here to jump to the full Chat Schedule Page  
It is always the final word on who's hosting, when ! 
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the 20 Second Rule
Take 20 Seconds when departing chat to allow for goodbyes, any last minute questions, whatever . . .    
PeopleWithMS Sports Sidebar Macro

Rod suggested this site for those that want to keep on top of the game while in chat.  Use the new Sports Sidebar  Macro to conveniently pop up a new window with scores.  Keep it in the background and you're never out of touch. 
( just make sure and pop-up windows are allowed by your firewall or Pop-Up Blocker )

Or just open up this link in another browser window before you log into chat: 


PeopleWithMS - Stories and Pictures


.... I was honestly thrown into it... I woke up one morning with the worst case of vertigo in my life in fact I had never had it before at all... We went to urgent care and they said I had an inner ear infection hahahah five days later with vertigo I went to the er... The doc at desert banner said I don't have an inner ear infection to be safe let's do a ct scan ... They found this tumor sent me to st joes... They did an mri saw the tumor and these lesions then told me they wanted to start me on steroids and do some tests aka a friggin lumbar puncture omg it hurts!!! I was sent home.. Three days later I was back ... Had another attack... More lesions and they came in with a box of tissue and a book on "living with ms" and they sat down and told me...  (more )


" It was a rainy afternoon in Istanbul.  My contact was late . . . "

Story to follow shortly .......

We want to congratulate RedSoxKitty and brr1960 on their recent engagement !!!  
We can't wait to see their wedding coverage, live on webcam !  ! !
click the pics to hop to their pages with the latest info . . .

This Should Be You

Just send your name, story, and photo along to:

People like to read other stories about MS and dealing with the everyday life with MS.  Everyone's M.S. is different and everyone's story is different. Get to know the chatters we chat with. 

Stories and Picture's  

PWMS  Welcomes!   

Please, we have issued an All Points Bulletin for any new chatters !   Come in, ask them to send us their e-mail addresses at ; it is the only way we can send them out our weekly newsletter.  Also, let them know about your stories and pictures, and perhaps ask if they'd like to submit one.! A great way to get instant recognition, by appearing in the newsletter.  Most of us love to know more about each other and see who we chat with. When no one is here and a new MSER comes in and reads our stories and poems it helps to read and see how MSers deal with life.

 Anyone who wants to add Pictures or update their story, please do so.

HeadsUp !

PeopleWithMS - Heads Up ! ! !
Check Out Mike's Youtube PeopleWithMS VideoOur very own Late Night Mike has created his own special version of a PeopleWithMS Video on Youtube.  Click the image to the left to hop on over and check it out ! ! ! 

Download the PeopleWithMS VideoLinda-NV has created a fantastic new video featuring many of your favorite PeopleWithMS chatters.  Download the video to see all your friends in action at:

(To save, right click the link and " Save As " to put it in some memorable place like your ' My Received Files ' folder.  If your computer, at that moment, helpfully offers the choice to 'Save or Open', you can probably open it with a program like Windows Media Player, Real Player, or something similar and play the video directly.  If you want to save it for posterity, open whatever program you have that can play videos, and navigate to your Documents & Settings, My Documents, My Received Files folder to play the video you saved.)

"I Dropped My Chicken Soup:

Stories about Multiple Sclerosis"


Just go to my for ordering information.)

I've had some really positive reviews which I've posted on my website I've also had a lot of people tell me the book hit very close to home, which is what I wanted. I want everyone to know that they are not alone!!! But I am sorry if it was hard for anyone to read. I hope that you also found it informative!!!


It is also available at OR OR OR OR OR

Check out " The Great Tribulation "The Great Tribulation
by Robert Williams, Jr. of Johnston City, Illinois.

The Great Tribulation is a phenomenal, comprehensive book on the end time with a profound, action-packed thriller about life during the end time. Cities leveled by earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, and meteor showers could it really happen?

Happy Hour

PeopleWithMS - Healthy Eating

Deena also known as Freena!


Happy Hour! Our hosts with the mostest! Deena & Boomer

Monday 8-9PM EST

Bring a joke relax have a drink start your week with fun! This will be held in our Happy Hour Room.


We want to give you all an invite.
To Boomers and Deenas Monday Happy Hour Night.
No subject within reason is taboo here.
Just a little warning now to beware.
Come on in, come on have no care.
And this really is no joke.
We aim to give your week a big poke.
To give you the right attitude.
So you can master all that you must do.


Boomer also known as Bloomer!


Tuesday & Thursday Night Trivia

PeopleWithMS - Trivia Night

Tuesday & Thursday Night Trivia in the PeopleWithMS Chat

Tuesday & Thursday Night Trivia!

where the hosts Deb, MrRed, or AlkalineLady asks the questions and rig the answers.

Sit back, relax.  It's Tuesday night & Thursday night.  Enjoy!

It's easy.  Multiple Guess, True or False.  Curious questions.  Answers changed to protect the innocent.  

(Scorekeeper bribes eagerly accepted.)

Tuesday & Thuursday -  8pm EST  -  7pm CST  -  6pm MST  -  5 pm PST

Womens & Mens Wednesday Nights

PeopleWithMS - Women's & Men's Chat Night

Please welcome our woman's night host's 

 Woman's night & Men's night! 

Wednesday's we have Woman's chat in our WOMAN'S ROOM !

Come on bring a Topic! 

We do this for one hour from 8PM till 9PM  EST. If anyone wants to stay in the woman's room for longer,   feel free to stay. We have had such a great time it seems for some it's not long enough.  Then we rejoin in the main chat room as always.

Please welcome our woman's night host's Norma & Aileen! 

And remember:  Any one can use these rooms at anytime.

Friday Night Free-For-All

PeopleWithMS -Games

Friday Night Free-For-All

It's all up to you ......................

Saturday Prayer Chat

PeopleWithMS -ChurchChat
BobbyGene & Lady Di Prayer & Support Chat

Saturday  8 pm EST  - 7pm CST  -  5 pm PST

Please join BobbyGene and Lady Di on Saturday Nights

BobbyGene has pastoral training with the Assembly of God and has offered to host a chat broadly oriented towards prayer as a support method.  As he has stated, "In my training I've had to learn the in's and outs of many various religions and I believe we could keep the focus on support and prayer when needed."  

We are providing a special interest room for those interested in prayer of whatever fashion, and focussed discussion of prayer as a support mechanism by those so inclined.

Please seek other forums for spirited theological debates


PeopleWithMS - Recipes
Click here

for Recipes


Check out all of the recipes on our web site that chatters have shared with us  
Click here for 

Healthy Eating 



Please Email us with any recipes you would like to share with us 
Your scruptious or silly recipe could appear right here . . . . . just email to

Red Velvet Cupcakes

2 & cups flour
cup cocoa powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 cup butter softened
2 cups sugar
4 eggs
1 cup sour cream
cup milk
1 bottle red food color
2 tsp pure vanilla extract
Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting

MIX flour, cocoa, baking soda, and salt.
BEAT butter, and sugar in a large bowl with electric mixer on medium speed 5 minutes or until light and fluffy.
Beat in eggs, 1 at a time. Mix sour cream, milk,
food color and vanilla. Gradually beat in flour mixture on a low speed just until blended. Spoon batter into paper muffin cups,
filling each cup 2/3 full.

BAKE in preheated 350 F. oven 20-25 minutes.
Cool in pans 5 minutes. Remove from pans, cool completely.

Spread with frosting.

Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting:
BEAT 1 package(8oz.) softened, 4 tbsp. Softened butter,
2 tbsp. Sour cream, and 2 tsp. Vanilla Extract in large bowl
until light and fluffy. Gradually beat in in 1 box of (16 oz.) confectioners sugar on medium speed until smooth.


Boomergirl's Lite Side

BoomerGirl's Lite Side
More About BoomergirlBoomergirl's Lite Side

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Visit Boomergirl's Lite Side

Rod's Music Shoppe

PeopleWithMS - Rod's Music Shoppe

Rockin' Rod's



Some of you have met Rod, one of our Florida chatters. He has been also been known as our DJ ! He has a very large collection of music. Rod has offered to do his best to find any song you're looking for, and email it to you. He needs the obvious: Name of singer ! Name of song ! He's not a mind reader LOL !   You can email him your requests at:  LINGRAM1@TAMPABAY.RR.COM  


PeopleWithMS - Birthdays

Linda's Birthday list!


 If anyone wants to host a chat Birthday Party, we provide the room, we clean up! We all have birthdays, some have Anniversary's.  Help make a friend feel very important. We are all important in chat! Throw a surprise party for a chat buddy. Thank your best friend for being there for you! He or she deserves a party!

If your birthday is not on our list please tell Linda when in chat! Linda has been really helping with getting this all organized.

We will post 2 months at a time below!

Bette42 January 9th
Randy/ Ryans Dad January 11th
MrsKelli357 Birthday and Anniversary January 21st
Fugazi January 22nd
SteveNL January 26th
Soporific January 27th
Harley Vicky January 27th
Biz January 31st
Heather February 5th
Norma & Bob Anniversary February 10th
Judy Feb 11TH
Candy49 Febuary 13th

Thank you Linda!




PeopleWithMS - Poems

Check it out on our inspirational Poetry Pages

Please Email us with any poems you would like to share with us


Alas has dawned a new year.
Many dreams and resolutions you have made.
Am I making to much of them I fear.
Will the disappointments be more than I can bear.
365 days doth a year make.
Will there be less for me to partake.
Every year MS takes a little more.
This is something I so abhore.
I want this year to be the one.
That an MS cure has finally been done.
To be able to say that this is the year.
That is something that would give me such joy.
That I would just jump and down and say oh boy.
To say in the year 2009.
A great happening like this would be so fine.

By Boomergirl

Someone cares

A friendly word can mean so much,
A kindly deed, an encouraging touch.

If I could but reach across the miles,
To lend a hand, or to bring a smile.

Would it lift the spirit, strengthen the heart,
To hear, I love you though we're far apart?

My friend, these are only simple things,
But there are times when they make us sing.

Sometimes our days with pain are filled,
To just make it through takes all our will.

And so, my friend, I send to you,
These humble words, though they are true.

Words of hope, my thoughts and prayers,
That you would know that someone cares.



Determined to continue
although simple things
ain't so simple anymore

rise and shine
prepare for the day's challenges
since when does a choice of socks
represent the first of them?

Want the black pants
but their at the back of the closet
Darn my brother forgot to tie the tie
can't button the top buttons anyway

Wanna walk to the shower
best to stretch my legs
But better not slippery floors
and bad balance   best roll in

let's get a bit more heavy
Thought she like me
smooth easy time together 
but better i don't assume       

never been quite this perplexing
always felt it should be easy
if it was meant to be
hasn't been easy so frustrating

I am want I am  reasonably bright
 think I'm easy, supportive   funny at times   
OK maybe guilty of being always right
Frightened it's the wheels they don't like

Can't loose the wheels  want to
So I'm dreaming at times
hoping she'll sneak up
and jump on for a ride

Dream age means nothing
though time crept up on me
Still I believe in love so sweet and gentle
Moments together were time stands still

Won't relent Won't succumb
believe loneliness only might last
until one moment from now
when our eyes will meet and your tender kiss
will change my world



The Caregiver

Two words that come together
When you speak of someone dear.

It is that special person
If you call, they're always near.

You'll see that in a 'CareGiver'
Love comes from in their Heart.

With loving hands and guidance
They help each new day start.

Caring for the fragile soul,
Giving day to day.

They meet the needs of loved one's
Spreading love along the way.

A gentle touch, a helping hand,
A glow that makes you smile.

Always near to comfort
And go that extra mile.

They want no fame or glory,
And it puts their mind at ease,

To know they've helped a loved one
Deal with their disease.

So show a little kindness
To Care Givers across this land.

You may be the one someday
Who needs a helping hand.

With Peace and Understanding,
Throughout the ends of time.

There's someone who will care for you
And make your Spirit shine...The Caregiver...

You do it for Love

You give of your heart, your love, and your life,
To a grandparent, parent, husband or wife.

You dress and you feed them, you clean up the mess.
For months, maybe years, you give of your best.

At times you can laugh, more often there's tears,

As you watch them decline year after year.
So often you feel like there's nobody there,
No one to talk to, there's no one who cares.

Then late at night, you'll sit and just cry,
"It all seems so hopeless, so why do I try?"

And then comes a voice, so soft and so clear,
You look all around you, but no one is near.

Again comes the voice, as soft as can be,
"You know why you try, just look and you'll see."

"You do it for love, you know that is true."
"This love that you have, will help see you through."

"You're not alone, there's someone who'll share."
"The burden you carry, I'll help you bear."

Then in the darkness, a warmth you can feel,
A soft gentle presence, you know it is real.

As you drop off to sleep, the angels above,
Echo the words...."You do it for love."



I'm Still The Child

A child shall lead them I had heard it said.
The thought, Lead who? went through my head.
Childish thoughts that now seem strange,
Looking back, how things have changed.

My parents are strong, they'll always be there.
Dad looked so wise sitting in his chair.
To raise their children, the patience it took.
But they had had it, when they got that look.

We look back now, and laugh and cry.
Sometimes we'll give a wistful sigh.
The good old days? Not true, we know.
But they were there to help us grow.

Now I'm grown and it falls on me.
Am I really the child she hoped I'd be?
I get impatient and want to scream.
Some days seem like a horrible dream.

I help her stand, then guide her feet.
I cook her food, then help her eat.
A child shall lead them, and yes it's true.
I'm still the child, and so are you.



We are not a Machine

We are the caregivers, but wait, there is more.
So please, hear us out before closing the door.

No we're not perfect, but we're doing our best.
We just want to get some things off our chests.

When was the last time you tried to come by,
Or the last time you called, if only to say hi?

Do you really realize just what we do here,
And just how often we are driven to tears?

Our loved ones and we are in worlds far apart,
And their illness and pain can tear at the heart.

Their physical care can at times be a pain.
And the emotional struggle can be quite a drain.

What is it exactly, we are trying to say?
What would it take to really brighten our day?

A card in the mail, I'm thinking of you.
Or a phone call to ask, Hey! What can I do?

Even better, a visit from family and friends,
To laugh, to talk, and smile once again.

We must be honest, we don't want to demean.
But please understand, we are not a machine.





General Information

PeopleWithMS Newsletter 08-19-07


Our objective is to provide an informal, supportive site for people seeking on-line information about Multiple Sclerosis.  We aren't doctors, we aren't experts.  We just live it everyday.  We formed this site to share what we have learned, provide a focal point for exchange of information,  and give back to the community. 

Support is a very big word when it comes to MS.  Doctors can only tell you so much during an office visit.  Leaving unanswered questions, concerns and issues.  People with any disease can often learn best from each other.  To this end we provide a chat forum to share information and suggestions, posting of the latest news, and links to authoritative sources of information. 

There are many informative sites out there.  Visit them all!  You can never have enough information.  We do not intend to compete with any other sites Like coffee shops, each has it's own unique atmosphere and clientele.  There can never be enough of them.  

Our chat is open for anything that has to do with MS. Some topics are not pleasant. But need to be talked about. If you have a problem, no matter what it is, chances are there is someone in chat that can help you. The one thing that PWMS will not accept is being laughed at for any MS problem. We expect all chatters to be considerate of others. 

We have appointed Linda-NV Coordinator of RAs. Our current list of room administrators is: Aileen, Cookie , Debby, Linda-NV, Nancy, Norma, Soporific, BobbyGene, JackIL, Mike , Mo, and Sumo58.  All host at scheduled times and frequently chat off-hosting hours as well.  They can help you if you need help. 


Chat Etiquette Reminder

Please make a point to welcome any new chatter that comes in our room. Introduce yourself.  Don't just be a bump on a log!  Ask if there is anything special they want to ask about, know about.  Don't ignore the new chatter.  Offer them coffee and a muffin.  Make them feel at home.  Don't keep chattering about peripheral MS stuff, or off-topic stuff, and ignore a newcomer.

Also keep in mind that Laws and Health Care options also vary widely both within countries and across the globe.  So be sensitive to the personal situations and tribulations chatters face.  Don't rub in how great things are for you. 

Between the laughs, a serious note:  We are a support chat. With that said, we can only help by listening; none of us are professionals. In our years of chatting with MSers online, one of the most common problems is depression.  This is a very serious problem. We do feel sometimes just being a good friend, listening, and kidding around can help. And sometimes is just the right thing to turn the a bad mood around.  But when things just don't appear to be getting any better in a reasonable amount of time, and chat is just a temporary fix, it is time to get professional help. Many times it's as simple as a medication change.  Or something else.

So, About Our Chat:  We try to maintain a positive, upbeat attitude.  We may have MS, but MS doesn't have us.  It's not the focal point of our existence, it's just one part.  So if there's a problem, no need to moan and groan - it just needs solving.  Go over it, around it, blow it up, or joke about it.  We won't ignore somebody's problem because it's gross, unseemly, or offends somebody else's sensibilities.  We'll help figure out a solution.  If somebody want's to wallow in their problem, we're not going to be too sympathetic.  

If anyone has anything they think ought to be added to the weekly news letter, please email me at

Want to receive our Newsletter ?

Send us a request;

If you have trouble reading HTML formatted e-mail, you can always view it as a web page on-line: 

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Newsletter Archive

PeopleWithMS - Newsletter Archive

News Letter Archive

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