Friday is Halloween! Everyone wants a Party! So we will have a Party.

By popular demand, Just for one night! Come in with any name you want! Pick an avatar! Have fun ! 

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The most important election of our generation is happening right now. Job losses, home foreclosures, major housing value drops, disappearing 401k Retirement Accounts, unaffordable or unavailable Health Insurance are all part of our personal financial meltdown.  Our automobile factories are closing down, products and jobs being outsourced overseas.  We're borrowing money from China to pay for Middle Eastern fuel for tanks to liberate the citizens of other Middle Eastern countries from a two thousand year old civil and religious war.  And the Global economy is racing into the dumpster along with ours.  

It's no longer time for belly aching.  It's your time to act !  Tell your government just where to go !  Vote for those you think have the best chance to lead this country, and represent your interests in the Senate or House of Representatives.
You have the power to select this year's Thanksgiving Turkeys

SSA's Convenient Summary of Medicare Prescription Drug Plans - 2009 Plan Data

Review Your Medicare & Part D Drug Supplement Now ! ! !

Each year from November 15th through December 31 you may make a change to your Medicare Plan and Medicare Part D prescription medication coverage for the period starting January 1, 2009.  Now is the time to hop on it and see if you can save a little on those supplements and copayments.  

The PeopleWithMS family continues to pull together, getting each and every one of us through all the daily ups and downs of life.  Many of us have been having a real tough time the past month or longer.  Deb and I have certainly had a real hectic month and a half due to a variety of health issues.  As have many others.  Chat provides a place to stop, take a break, relax for a little while. Forget the troubles, have a few laughs.