February 14, 2004

Happy Valentines Day !

PeopleWithMS Welcomes 

We want to thank everyone for pitching in with ideas on what makes the chat and the website more supportive. We have seen lots of progress in the short time we have been online. Please, if you have any ideas, share them with us.  Sometimes even the smallest suggestions can make a big difference. 

Jack IL is back whooo ! We missed him. Its been a long time.

Susan is back, horse and all . We have missed you Susan welcome back. 

Dreamcicle, Is finally be back in chat this week ! Welcome back Dream.

Joyce paid us a surprise visit. Some of you know her has Herbie's wife. Herbie is one lucky man !

Ducky.  Not feeling good still.  We are eagerly awaiting her in chat.  Her duck awaits !

New Stories and Pictures

Nurse Marie is donating her time to be in chat, answering your questions, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at approximately 7:00pm EST.  Thank you, Marie !

Muff aka Terri is also donating some time in chat with us. She has much information on obtaining medical  and general financial support. She also has a wide range of information regarding general disability issues. Just ask and she helps! Thank You Muff!

News Sightings

Test Predicts MS Flare-Ups

Blood Test Promises to Make Multiple Sclerosis More Predictable

MS Progresses Slowly for Most Patients

Most People With Multiple Sclerosis Remain Stable Over 10-Year Follow-up

Progress in Research > Research Highlights Winter/Spring 2004

Summary of the latest research, provided by the National M.S. Society.

Betaseron(R) Pre-Filled Diluent Syringe Now Available

Delbert Richardson, a Betaseron patient since 1997, who last week began a solo, 14,000-mile cycling trip across the United States, said, "The pre-filled diluent syringe reduces the number of steps in the injection process

New Coalition Launches Campaign to Rescind Medicare Restrictions on Power Wheelchairs

RAMP -- the Restore Access to Mobility Partnership is fighting new Medicare guidelines. Under the new guidelines, "any patient able to walk any number of steps, without regard for function or safety, they will not qualify for a power wheelchair."

When Is a Prickle a Pain?

A really interesting article in Inside MS Magazine on how to describe this real, but often poorly described, symptom.

Scientists Clone First Human Embryo

By cloning human embryonic stem cells, researchers hope to replace damaged cells in the human body with genetically identical healthy cells to cure disease.

New Info

The National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) provides a wealth of information.  

- Of special interest to People With MS are the support programs provided for low income people to get the medications they need.  If you or someone you know is in this situation, check it out ! ! !

New on the Website

We have started to revise our links page. Please, if you have a link to add, Email us.

Still adding pictures and stories.

Still wrestling with users problems getting into chat . Thank you for reporting every problem. Its like diagnosing M.S. every little problem helps !

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