February 21, 2004

PeopleWithMS Welcomes 

Chat has continued to grow. We are getting a steady flow of very dedicated chatters. Every night from  7PM till at least 12AM EST. And we want to stress that people are welcome anytime in chat. In chat we can never have enough information. Please feel free to use the attachment box at the bottom of the chat screen to include URLs, pictures, or to attach articles of interest. 

 We want to welcome Applebastic. She has been a real pleasure in chat

We also welcome Judy its has been years we haven't chatted. She has been so much fun in chat ! What a sweetheart she is. 

Ducky. Is still not feeling good. We are eagerly awaiting her in chat.  Her duck awaits !

New Stories and Pictures

Nurse Marie is donating her time to be in chat, answering your questions, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at approximately 7:00pm EST.  Thank you, Marie !


Is our new RA

Muff aka Terri is also donating some time in chat with us. She has much information on obtaining medical  and general financial support. She also has a wide range of information regarding general disability issues. Just ask and she helps! Thank You Muff! 


New Link Sightings

We want to share a couple of great web sites with you. Our chatters work very hard on them check them out:

Our Nurse Marie's website MSandChronicIllness MS and Chronic Illness. Friendly Support     Please vist her website as it covers may chronic illnesses

Our new RA Muff's websiteH.A.D. (Helping Americans' with Disabilities)

Muff has one of the best links pages around visit it for much information on medical and financial support. 

Starting this week, we'll be adding new link sightings which may be of interest, as reported by our visitors.  This will highlight new links you may want to investigate, before they disappear into the obscurity of some huge link listing.  If you come across any site which you think may be of interest, please e-mail us with the site address and a brief description of what you found interesting on the site.  We'll include it in the next Newsletter.

Virtual Magnifying Glass

Virtual Magnifying Glass 2.00 is a free, open source, screen magnification tool for Windows. It is simple, customizable, and easy-to-use.  (Muff)

The Gift Of Sound

Naperville audiologist helps the needy acquire hearing aids. (Muff)

News Sightings

No new medical news sightings relevant to real people this week.

New Information

The National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) provides a wealth of information.  

Of special interest to People With MS are the support programs provided for low income people to get the medications they need.  If you or someone you know is in this situation, check it out ! ! !

New on the Website

Still working on revising our links page. Please, if you have a link to add, Email us.

We will be adding more pictures today ! Please if you haven't sent us your story we need it.

If anyone wants to share there story and picture please send it.

Still wrestling with users problems getting into chat . Thank you for reporting every problem. Its like diagnosing M.S. every little problem helps !

News Letter Archive

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