March 13, 2004

PeopleWithMS Welcomes 

Chat is growing through the dedication of our regular chatters and new visitors. Thing are jumping most every night from  7PM till at least 12AM EST. 

We want to again stress that people are welcome anytime in chat. In chat we can never have enough information. 

We welcome Share to our chat.  She brings some special experiences as the organizer of a local chat group.  Her story is included below.

SteveNL has provided us with an inspiring story to go along with the picture he submitted last week.

Nurse Marie is donating her time to be in chat, answering your questions, on  Monday mornings, starting from around 7 or 8 am Central Standard Time. She also tries to be in Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at approximately 7:00pm EST.  Thank you, Marie !

Just a Reminder . . . . . Jim, one of our very own room administrators (RA), is going to be hosting the Sharon O show. It will be seen on March 24, 2004. 12 midnight eastern standard time on station WGN. The topic is going to be M.S. He will be doing it via phone. Tune in ! ! !

New Stories and Pictures


Muff aka Terri is also donating time in chat with us. She has much information on obtaining medical  and general financial support. She also has a wide range of information regarding general disability issues. Just ask and she helps!  Thank You Muff! 
Share & Husband

Hi my name is Share and here is a tidbit about me! I was dx April 24, 2001. I was given my dx over the phone by a terrible neurologist who was very crude, rude, and matter-of-fact about this life changing information. Luckily I am married to my gardian angel and have two wonderful sons who just go with the flow of life. I have learned to slow down (ok I had no choice) and smell the roses, watch the breeze thru the trees, and look up to the clouds. WOW nature is facinating when you take the time to really look at it. I am very optimistic and I will do whatever it takes to overcome and eliminate this monster from my life and irradicate it from the world so my children and future generations will not have to suffer thru it. I run a support/self-help group in my community and I find that very theraputic (much better than a shrink). I am on Betaseron, baclofen, and celexa. I believe in complemetary medicine therefore I do alternative treatments as well. My mantra in life is every problem has a solution! (more)


Steve has written a tremendous story to follow-up on his introduction last week.  Follow this link for the whole story (more)

New Link Sightings

Every week we'll be adding new link sightings which may be of interest, as reported by our visitors.  This will highlight new links you may want to investigate, before they disappear into the obscurity of some huge link listing.  If you come across any site which you think may be of interest, please e-mail us with the site address and a brief description of what you found interesting on the site.  We'll include it in the next Newsletter.

Veritas Medicine ** PWMS ** 3/13/04
A new discovery!  This site "provides access to clinical trials and information on treatment options" It covers quite a range of information in terms normal people can for the most part understand.  Highly Recommended.
LillyAnswers ** PWMS Eli Lilly and Company 3/13/04
LillyAnswers is Eli Lilly's effort to " bring immediate help to seniors without prescription drug coverage whose incomes are too high to qualify for Medicaid, but limited enough that paying cash for necessary medicines presents a significant financial barrier...... Under LillyAnswers, eligible seniors will have access to Lilly's portfolio of products for illnesses such as osteoporosis, diabetes, depression and schizophrenia-chronic diseases that afflict nearly 18 million or one in every two seniors." ** PWMS ** 3/6/04
The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) sponsor this site.  There is a simple form to fill out to determine eligibility for financial aid in acquiring medicines manufactured by these sponsoring companies.  A handy tool!
National MS Society 2004 Scholarship Opportunities ** PWMS ** 3/6/04
The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has announced details of its 2004 National MS society Scholarship Program, which provides financial relief for people affected by MS who are pursuing a post-secondary education.
Living With Multiple Sclerosis ** Becky ** 3/9/04
A friend of Becky recommended visiting this site, which was created by a friend of hers. 

News Sightings

Transcript of Interview With Montel Williams, Nancy Davis, Stephen Hauser, Adam Kaplin, Mark Barondess 
Scientists 're-grow optic nerves' BBC News | Health PWMS 2/29/04
Scientists believe they have taken a big step forward in their effort to be able to repair damaged nerves. 
Is myelin not only the target, but also the culprit in MS? Veritas Medicine PWMS 3/05/04
Scientists believe they have taken a big step forward in their effort to be able to repair damaged nerves. 
As druggists mix customized brews, FDA raises alarm Wall Street Journal PWMS 2/27/04
Medical compounding and compounding pharmacists.  Without being alarmist, this article is worth a read if you are considering an alternative therapy.

New Information

There was some discussion during the week about credit and credit reporting information.  Muff has provided the following:

There are 3 Credit Reporting agencies where you are entitled to a free copy of your report each year.  

1-800-680-7289 1-800-525-6285 1-888-397-3742

Some states will allow you to get a report from all three.

New on the Website

If anyone wants to share there story and picture please send it.

As always, wrestling with users problems getting into chat. The "Yahoo Companion" toolbar has been identified as another "helpful" add-on with an incorporated pop-up blocker.  Make sure you know how to toggle it on and off.  Thank you for reporting every problem. Its like diagnosing M.S. every little problem helps !

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