January 27, 2007

 PWMS chat ! - Update 

It was a great week in chat.  Our busiest time in chat is 7PM - 10pm EST NIGHTLY ! We also have been trying to build up daytime chats again. We've got mid-day chats going every weekday.  (see our chat schedule below )  Please join our hosts, they are the best ! ! ! Please give us 2 hours per week, host a chat be there, some one was there for you  when you started chatting!!

This week we had some bad news in chat. Mags one of our chatters lost her sister in England. Just a few days later Marlene lost her sister it was a shock she had talked to her the night before:(  Our Prayers are with both of them and also there family's.

We have some great new chatters some of you have seen in chat. Kanga. Lollipop. Wayne. these are a few of our newer chatters from Australia. They are the most friendly bunch of MSer's  please welcome them share some MS information with them. They will be in mostly later on at night. Please join them in chat! I swear you will hear there accent in there typing LOL . MS don't care where we are from, it hits all over the country. in a few weeks  you will see our web site chat getting bigger and bigger. We will  be adding  pages for our Australian MSers. They are the most politest people I have ever met in my life. It will be good to share information  from there and here. And here to there! 

Our Wednesday evening Healthy eating support group has started out so well  that we added 3 pages to our web site, and more to the pages. You can find a print out journal, recipes, and check out the exercise page. 

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 We will meet every Wednesday evening - check below for your local time 


PWMS   Welcomes MSers from all over

Stories and Pictures


I am a Female 65 years old Widow.   I am on no ABCR drugs. Or any other treatment. I am living in Texas With my CAT!  My cats name is Mischief !

I was Dx in 1972, But I know I had it since at least 1964. I was 28 years old at the time of DX. I am doing very well. I felt like I was in Remission for about 20+ years! Not so much lately.

I worked full time for many years!

This past fall was the last time I had a Relapse.


Hi, My name is Kathie. I live in Maine, USA. I was DX with RRms in July of 2006. I am married with two grown adult children. I'm 46 years old.

When I was working, I was a med nurse in a locked down Alzheimer's/dementia unit for 7 years, to veterans. I loved my job and had to give it up in September 2006.

Prior to MS slowing me down I used to mountain climb and hike, bike, canoe, snowshoe. I still love the outdoors very much, but am limited as to what I can do now. I love photography, reading, music, genealogy, and people in general. If I can help someone somehow and make a difference, that makes me happy.

I also have Trigeminal Neuralgia but it is under control now. Some days are not easy. There are good days and bad days. My MS effects me cognitively, and my balance, spatial judgment is out of whack (which sometimes makes me feel kind of dizzy).

I get through my days with a sense of humor, understanding, and compassion for others. Also online chatting with my MS friends.  (more)




Share's provided some more photos and promised to update her story real soon now (more)

Our latest Apprentice Chat Host & Mascot.  Story to follow . . . (more)
This Could Be You !

This could be you

Your name, story, and photo in the spotlight, right here in our newsletter.  Just send it along to:

People like to read other stories about MS and dealing with the everyday life with MS. Everyone's M.S. is different and everyone's story is different. Get to know the chatters we chat with. 

Stories and Picture's 

We need pictures and stories of our new chatters. It helps new MSer's to see that they can do it also. It helps to know your not alone. So please help others - we need your pictures and stories. They can be emailed to . Or, anyone who wants to add Pictures or update their story, please do so.



Upcoming Birthday:  

PeopleWithMS - Birthdays, Anniversaries, Etc.

Who will be next ?
Norma & Bob Anniversary February 10th
Judy-- Happy Birthday Feb 11TH
Lauri--Happy Birthday February 16th

 * * * We need someone to keep track of our chatters Birthday's.  * * * 

If anyone wants to host a chat Birthday Party, we provide the room, we clean up! We will send out invitations. We all have birthdays, some have Anniversary's.  Help make a friend feel very important. We are all important in chat! Throw a surprise party for a chat buddy. Thank your best friend for being there for you! He or she deserves a party!

Book a room and tables for your ' Surprise ' Birthday party while there's still time by e-mailing



We're making up a new Famous People Page and we need your input . . . .

So far, we have some semi-famous people.  Not really a lot, and not really terrifically famous.  Kind of a sad excuse for a list.  You're sure to know the name of one or more people that are way more famous.  Send us the name of any well known person with MS, and perhaps a one liner about them (like 'World Renowned Chia Rancher ' )


PWMS Welcomes . . . 

Any chatters touched by M.S. What this means is anyone with M.S., a family member of anyone with M.S., or simply a friend who wants to understand M.S. 

And please, anytime you come in chat and the conversation is not MS related, just pipe up with your MS question, issue, or problem.  MS is our # 1 topic in chat. Most everything else is just background information on what and how people are doing, etc.  

We have chatters who are on Avonex, Beta, Rebif, Copaxone, and Tysabri. And myriad other medicines to address various symptoms.  So if you have any questions on any of these drugs ask away. Keep in mind everyone is different. Different drugs affect everyone differently. It is very frustrating to all of us but that's the way it is. 

LDN - Vanessa has battled with different MS meds for many years. She has not found any that had any positive effects without leaving her with some very bad reactions.  LDN has helped a lot with her symptoms. Vanessa is in chat mostly every night with us. I am sure she would share with anyone who has any interest in LDN.  

Nancy had an unexpected trip to the hospital recently.  Part of her trip was for a Plasmapharesis Treatment.  This is a periodic procedure which filters the blood.  Check with Nancy for all the details. . . . Click Here to go to Discussion Board

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This Week's Chat Star


My name is Jennifer, but to most of my online friends I am kanga, the gal from down under! Like most people with MS, diagnosis was a long time coming! Symptoms had been going on for years and years and a variety of explanations were given. Being a hairdresser was blamed for the “funny feelings” in my hands, then later on “Oh, you’re a busy Mum of 4 -under 6 (at the time), of course you are tired/bleary eyed/achy etc”, so it was no Surprise (and truthfully, a bit of relief) when I was diagnosed 8 years ago. Now, please don’t think because of that comment, that I wished for MS, I just WISHED for a name so I could understand, research and DEAL with this horrible infliction!


Chat Hosting Schedule 

Please feel free to give us some ideas for chat. Hey, you can even take charge!  Do your own weekly, or whenever, chat. Just invite your friends in, have a party.  We have many rooms you can have your chat in your own room.

The schedule below shows the schedule of a group of regular chatters who are volunteering a couple of hours of their time to host chat on a regular basis.  This makes a chat more successful; people knowing there is someone available to provide support at dependable, specific times.  

Chat Schedule - January 25, 2007
Day Chat Host London
Monday RonB & Norma   4 -6 pm    11 am - 1 pm  10  - NOON    9 - 11 am    8 - 10 am
Monday Deb & MrRED 1 - 3 am  8 - 10 pm   7 -9 pm  6 -8 pm 5 - 7 pm
Tuesday Norma & Blak   4 -6 pm    11 am - 1 pm  10  - NOON    9 - 11 am    8 - 10 am
Tuesday Cindy & Vanessa  6 -8 pm    1  - 3 pm  NOON - 2 pm    11 am - 1 pm   10 am - NOON
Tuesday Deb & MrRED 1 - 3 am  8 - 10 pm   7 -9 pm  6 -8 pm 5 - 7 pm
Wednesday Marlene (aka LadyCove) & Nancy  4 -6 pm    11 am - 1 pm  10  - NOON    9 - 11 am    8 - 10 am
Wednesday Deb & MrRED 1 - 3 am  8 - 10 pm   7 -9 pm  6 -8 pm 5 - 7 pm
Thursday Tara & Norma  4 -6 pm    11 am - 1 pm  10  - NOON    9 - 11 am    8 - 10 am
Thursday Deb & MrRED 1 - 3 am  8 - 10 pm   7 -9 pm  6 -8 pm 5 - 7 pm
Friday RonB & Norma  4 -6 pm    11 am - 1 pm  10  - NOON    9 - 11 am    8 - 10 am
Friday Norma & Rod 1 - 3 am  8 - 10 pm   7 -9 pm  6 -8 pm 5 - 7 pm
Saturday Deb & MrRED 1 - 3 am  8 - 10 pm   7 -9 pm  6 -8 pm 5 - 7 pm
Sunday Deb & MrRED 1 - 3 am  8 - 10 pm   7 -9 pm  6 -8 pm 5 - 7 pm

Note to New Visitors:  

When a scheduled host is logged in, say Hi and hang around a couple of minutes if the room isn't busy -> they're probably just grabbing a cup of coffee or reading e-mail in another window.  

When nobody is scheduled to host, take a look on the right side for any other names.  If so, say ' Hi' and type their name just as you see it => that'll 'beep ' on their speakers.  

Check the 'Connections' Room to see if anyone has stopped by, left a message, and is coming back soon.

Contact us at if you;d like to host on a regular basis. 

Chat Connections Room 

Chat Sound Alert

It's really no surprise to land in an empty chat room -there are 24 hours in the day.  And it is also guaranteed that 5 minutes after you leave, someone else will pop in.  

Here's something you can do if you have speakers and are moderately familiar with Windows.  When you log into chat and discover no one to share your morning coffee with, don't give up !  Turn up the sound on your computer and stay logged in.  When someone else comes in, the ' Welcome ' sound will play.

(Pick an audicon 'soundie' off the "Music Note button' list to see if it's loud enough.)   

If you want to go do something else in Windows, MINIMIZE the chat window with a double click on the little underline box in the top right of the window.  You will still see the window listed on the start bar ('Tray').  When somebody comes in, click that window to open it again.

If People start using this, and find that the ' Welcome ' sound is an inadequate alert, give us an idea what might work better.

Click Here to go to Discussion Board " Tag . . . You're It ! ! ! "  Click Here to go to Discussion Board

Chat is always open. and guests are always welcome.  But they're never there when you log in !   The Chat Connections Room is intended to solve that problem.  It helps hook up people who want to chat, at whatever hour. . . 

When you come into the main chat room and nobody is there, double click on the Chat Connections Room listed in the column on the right side.  That will pop you into the room.  The last 10 messages from visitors are displayed.  Check to see if anybody else has recently popped in, looking to chat, and left a message.  Something like:





Please stop by the MSSurvivor MSNsite to see what Ladycove and Jeffs have been up to.  It is an informative and fun place to visit.  While you are there, sign up as a member.  It's easy !  

PWMS & MS Survivors working together :) 

MS Survivors has a great new message board, and a whole lot more ! JeffS and LadyCove are working hard to add all sorts of neat features.  We are joining together with them to use their message board and some of those other neat-o MSN facilities. They are sending their members over to our site and chat. So we're teaming up to make the best use of both the web and MSN Group sites. Some of us work, some of us just don't have enough energy to keep up with it all alone. We have noticed that when MSERs  team up and work together on web sites, a message board, and chat that updated information flows more freely. 



We're starting a new set of inspirational pages called thePoetry Pages Click Here to go to Discussion Board

Thinking out Loud !

Our  Australian friend Kanga aka Jennifer writes the monthly newsletter Mentioning Stuff for Msers. Shared these 

"Thinking out loud" comments she wrote a few years back. Thinking out Loud!


Please Email us with any poems you would like to share with us 


Click here

for Recipes


Check out all of the recipes on our web site that chatters have shared with us  
Click here for 

Healthy Eating 



Please Email us with any recipes you would like to share with us 


Our objective is to provide an informal, supportive site for people seeking on-line information about  Multiple Sclerosis.  We aren't doctors, we aren't experts.  We just live it everyday.  We formed this site to share what we have learned, provide a focal point for exchange of information,  and give back to the community. 

Support is a very big word when it comes to MS.  Doctors can only tell you so much during an office visit.  Leaving unanswered questions, concerns and issues.  People with any disease can often learn best from each other.  To this end we provide a chat forum to share information and suggestions, posting of the latest news, and links to authoritative sources of information. 

There are many informative sites out there.  Visit them all!  You can never have enough information.  We do not intend to compete with any other sites.  Like coffee shops, each has it's own unique atmosphere and clientele.  There can never be enough of them.  

Our chat is open for anything that has to do with MS. Some topics are not pleasant. But need to be talked about. If you have a problem, no matter what it is, chances are there is someone in chat that can help you. The one thing that PWMS will not accept is being laughed at for any MS problem. We expect all chatters to be considerate of others. 

We have appointed Norma, Marlene, JeffS and JackIL room administrators. They have been using the chat. They walked through the set up with us. They can help you if you need help. 

Please help us remember to ask all chatters to sign the guest book.  It's our only way of sending them our  news letter.


Multiple Sclerosis Information Sourcebook Click Here to go to Discussion Board

This one link is to the mother lode of all link pages at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.   

The Multiple Sclerosis Information Sourcebook provides up-to-date information about MS in an easy-to-use format. It includes answers to frequently asked questions, current information on treatments and symptoms, and descriptions of the social and psychological impact of the disease. The Sourcebook also provides references to other health and social agencies when appropriate.

Web Resources

These links are provided by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for information only. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has no control over the content or availability of external sites. Each link is to a bigger category of specific sites.

Take Action NMSS Logo

National Multiple Sclerosis Society | Advocacy 

New Congress Passes Stem Cell Legislation . . . On To The Senate

Take Action Take a Minute to Thank Your Representative

This afternoon, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 3, the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, by an impressive vote of 253-174.* (For the record, last year's vote for H.R. 810 was 238-194.) Just prior to voting for H.R. 3, the House defeated a motion to recommit the bill, which would have placed severe restrictions on institutions where somatic cell nuclear transfer research takes place. This motion to recommit (sending it back to the committee for further consideration) fell by a vote of 189-238. The Senate is expected to vote on the bill within a few weeks. Click here for recent news coverage.

Your e-mails to Congress made a difference. If your Representative voted in favor of this bill, take a minute to call and say Thank You. Look up the official Roll Call here. Then, call the Capitol switchboard and ask for your Representative: 1-800-828-0498. Thank them for supporting stem cell research and its promise for people with multiple sclerosis.

We will continue to keep you updated on this legislation and on other important policy issues for people with MS. Thank you for being an MS activist.


* If every House member votes, it takes 290 votes (2/3 majority) to override a Presidential veto, and both the House and Senate must override a veto for a bill to become law without a president's signature.  So it is by no means assured.

Washout Time Before Starting Tysabri ? 

A fair amount of discussion last week centered around the ' Washout Time ' of other medications before switching to Tysabri.  In other words, how long does it take for the concentration of another MS medication in the body to decrease to a safe level for commencement of Tysabri therapy.  We've collected some useful links, below:

Vanessa came up with Tysabri Touch Program 1-800-456-2255

Jeffs, not surprisingly, came up with the National MS Society's '

and the Multiple Sclerosis Service League's MS Matters Sept. 2006 issue regarding Tysabri PDF

Montel Williams is promoting the new prescription program 

" Partnership for Prescription Assistance " :

call 1-888-477-2669  /  1-888-4PPA-NOW

There are over 150 different programs that can help you get your meds for free, or at a low cost.  Check it out ! ! !

We also have some links up on our web site that may help. Check it outPatient Assistance Programs

 If anyone has anything they think ought to be added to the weekly news letter, please email me at

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