July 21,2005

In Memory

Theresa Kedzierski, Muff aka Muffaroni

We lost a very dear friend yesterday.  You all knew her as Muff, aka Muffaroni, my name for her.

Muff was a very helpful person in chat. She kept us going when times got tough. She never complained about her problems.  Though she had many.  She always asked how others were doing, and helped others, the best way she knew how to. What she told all of us is;  "I tell every one I meet and speak to; I have MS, it does not have me and "I am not disabled, I am differently-abled."  

She struggled alone, daily. Had no family other than a brother in a group home in New Jersey.  Barely any money.  A ramshackle trailer roof over her head.  Crawling down the hall because her wheelchair didn't fit.  Gave up her shower chair to someone who needed it more, and showered herself on the shower floor.  She went on, with dignity.  Kept her head up, because she said;  "God gave us MS to help others."  It made us stronger, not weaker.  We can learn a lot from her example.  She had chat, and on-line friends. All of you.

When her computer was down, Red and I talked to Muff at least 3 or 4 times per week. We didn't hear from her for 10 days. Red called the Las Vegas Police. They'd found her yesterday afternoon. Alone. She had passed away. 

We were going to close chat for a few days. But no, Red said. Muff would wants us to go on.  And we will.  We need the support of our friends. There are others who would be alone, if not for all of us, on-line.  Talking to each other on holidays, when our on-line family is all we have.  The chat was all she had on holidays, and we tried to make sure she wasn't alone.  This was a big part of her life.  And we're going to keep that part of her life going, through chat.  She taught us a lot.  We are in chat for others - there's always someone worse off who needs support.

Muff asked about all of you.  You know who you are.  She always asked how everyone was, and missed you all so very much. We now will miss her very badly. Pray for Muff, she's at peace now.



Love you all,

Deb and MrRed