August 1, 2004

Wheels of Hope 2004 Update

This picture is one of the latest, taken by Niagra Falls. Better part of 8600 miles behind me and 25 states completed. I only count a state once I have entered and left that state.

Delbert contacted us from Syracuse, New York to update us on his travels.  He's somewhat stuck;  by rain, and the daunting mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire.  We, as well as JeffS, tried to lend a helping hand past that point, contacting friends, the local MS Society offices, and primary sponsor Berlex (Betaseron).  He's targeting arrival in Boston on August 5th for TV interviews and MS fundraising events.  Then continuing down the relatively flat East Coast.

As he says;  "Still looking to accomplish my goal of having the trike in all 48 states.  From Maine south I think I will be able to maintain the physical exertion, but weather as I'm sure you all know is a problem. I try to stay off the road during rain and that just further forces me to fall behind.

Hope all is well though I've had some physical difficulties, MS related I've had a wonderful journey so far. Meeting many of my extended family of 400,000 as well as those who have help and continue to raise monies to support research as well.

God Speed and I'll keep the rubber side down."

Delbert Richardson


Preface . . . 


Chats are most active every night starting around 7PM EDT, and during the days around lunchtime EDT.  The schedule below shows an exciting new group of chat hosts.  These are regular chatters who are volunteering their time to host chat on a regular basis.  This is what makes a chat successful; people knowing that there is someone available to provide support at dependable, specific times.  You'll note that many nights have no designated host, though you can rest assured every night is jumping, with many of the regular hosts floating in and out. needs your help ! ! ! We need more chat hosts ! ! ! Please feel free to volunteer a little of your time to host any free evening or day slot.  And bring your friends.  Have a good time.  Even once a week, two hours, could be the two hours when somebody needs help. And be available.   There are no particular qualifications to host, other than open-mindedness to people's choices of treatments.  Whatever it may be, they all need support.   If you'd like to volunteer, contact our Chat Coordinator, Muff.

However, feel free to drop by anytime, leave your window open for a bit, and somebody is sure to drop by.

Chat Schedule


Monday Judy *  4 pm - 6 pm    11 - 1 pm    10 am - 12 noon    9 - 11 am    8 - 10 am  
Crystal  12 noon - 2 pm    5 - 7 pm    4 - 6 pm    3 - 5 pm    2- 4 pm  


Paul G3PCT

 4 pm - 6 pm    11 - 1 pm    10 am - 12 noon    9 - 11 am    8 - 10 am 
Judy * 5 pm - 7 pm  12 - 2 pm  11 am - 1 pm  10 - 12 noon  9 - 11 am
Dreamcicle  7 pm - 9 pm   2 pm - 4 pm  1 pm - 3 pm  12 noon - 2 pm  11 am - 1 pm
Applebastic  11 pm - 1 am   6 - 8 pm  5 - 7 pm  4 - 6 pm  3 - 5 pm

Muff 2 pm - 4 pm  9 am - 11 am 8 am - 10 am 7 am - 9 am 6 am - 8 am
Lesley Anne  4 pm - 6 pm  11 am - 1 pm  10 am - 12 noon  9 am - 11 am  8 am - 10 am
Crystal  10 pm - 12 midnight  5 - 7 pm  4 - 6 pm  3 - 5 pm  2- 4 pm

Thursday Muff 2 pm - 4 pm  9 am - 11 am 8 am - 10 am 7 am - 9 am 6 am - 8 am
Paul G3PCT  4 pm - 6 pm  11 am - 1 pm  10 am - 12 noon  9 - 11 am  8 - 10 am

Friday Dreamcicle  5 pm - 7 pm  12 noon - 2 pm  11 am - 1 pm   10 am - 12 noon  9 am - 11 am
Applebastic  11 pm - 1 am  6 - 8 pm  5 - 7 pm  4 - 6 pm  3 - 5 pm
Buddy Hosts +  1 am - 3 am  8 - 10 pm  7 - 9 pm  6 - 8 pm  5- 7 pm

Saturday  *  *   * *    *  *  

Sunday   * *   *   *    *   *  

* Judy's chats start August 9

+ Buddy Hosting Friday Nights will revolve.  So every Friday will be a surprise

Buddy Hosting Nights

*** This week we have Susan and JackIL hosting ***

Special Notes:

PeopleWithMS Welcomes . . . . . 

Applebastic back and eager to host chats with a Canadian spin.

Crystal - an old friend from our original Angelmom's Gem chat.  Joining us as a chat host from Kansas.

Judy - back after her husband's surgery and ready start hosting chats August 9th 

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Poem of the Week

Submitted by Dreamcicle, aka Cheryl



Blessed are those who take time to listen to the defective speech, for they help us to know that if we persevere we can be understood.

Blessed are those who walk with us in public places and ignore the stares of strangers for in your companionship we find havens of relaxation.

Blessed are those who never bid us "hurry up" and more blessed are you that do not snatch out tasks from our hands to do them for us, for often we need time rather then help.

Blessed are those who stand beside us as we enter new ventures, for our failures will be outweighed by the times we surprised ourselves and you.

Blessed are those that ask for our help, for our greatest need is to be needed.

Blessed are those who realized that we are human and don't expect us to be saintly just because we have a disability.

Blessed are those that pick things up without being asked.

Blessed are those who understand that sometimes I am weak and not just lazy.

Blessed are those who forget the disability of my body and see the shape of my soul.

Blessed are those who see me as a whole person, unique and complete and not as one of God's mistakes.

Blessed are those who love me just as I am without wondering what I would've been like.

Blessed are my friends upon whom I depend, for they are the substance and joy of my life!!!!

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Helping Chatters Get Into Chat

People continue to have difficulties getting into Dreamchat.  Tell us in detail what you have to do to a firewall, anti-virus program, or Pop-Up blocker program in order to get in.  If you had to upgrade your Windows or Internet Explorer Service Pack, tell us from what, to what.  We will start a page devoted to all the different problems people have had, and how they have overcome them, as a resource page for new chatters.

*** One major trouble people have been running into recently is with their Internet Security & Firewall Programs.  Holding down the CONTROL key while entering seems to cure the problem.  So give it a whirl if you get stuck at the log-in page. *** 

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