November 20, 2004

What's new in chat ?

Another great week in chat! We have so much fun, come in and join us. Our daily hosting is also getting very busy. It seems to be going very well. We thank all who are involved with hosting, it helps. 

For anyone who wants a update on Muff's computer; it's on its way. Doctor Red awaits its arrival Monday. 

Steve is back to work. Eating his warm milk and water on corn flakes! 

We await Susan's recovery from a fall last week while working on her farm putting up a 6 foot fence post. We hope she is back soon.  Get Well Susan !

We need pictures and stories of our new chatters. It helps new MSer's  see that they can do it also. It helps to know your not alone. So please help others - we need picture's and stories. They can be emailed to .

Please Welcome Laura, our newest RA! Don't mess with her hahahahaha! For those of you who don't know what an RA is, it's a Room Administrator. RA's are chatters who have volunteered to take on the additional responsibility of keeping room discussion on topic. Or at least respectable, keeping in mind the chatters present. Our RA's use their judgment  as to what seems appropriate. So the wildly funny comments of one night, may not be as funny the next night when different chatters are present. Keep in mind who is in the room; respect others sensibility and feelings.

How to become a RA? Simply host and get a room going with enough chatters. Then you may need the extra capabilities of an RA.

Dream has added another chat a week. This one is Sunday's from 3PM-5pm. Thanks so much Dream. We need hosting on Saturday and Sunday's.

We try to update our hosting schedule as fast as we get any changes. Check hosting here 

If anyone has any ideas on hosting daily or nightly Topic chats please contact us at 

Chat fun !

Host a Party !

We need someone to keep track of our chatters Birthday's!

Get involved ! 

If anyone wants to host a chat party, we provide the room, we clean up! We will send out invitations. We all have birthdays, some have anniversary's. Help make a friend feel very important. We are all important in chat! Throw a surprise party for a chat buddy. Thank your best friend for being there for you! He or she deserves a party!

Cheer !

Spreading Christmas cheer!

Steve NL  had the great idea that exchanging Christmas cards would be a very nice way of spreading cheer! What you can do is email us your address, We will make a list and will only share it with our active chatters,  if you don't mind others having it, We will pass it on. When we get them all back we will forward them to you.  Email your address to   We have started a list already. Please don't be Scrooge!

Chat Hosting Schedule

Our revised schedule can be always be found via the schedule link on the chat login page. 

We will keep it updated as soon as we get any change's. Hosting Schedule !

Keep in mind our chat is always open. Guests are welcome anytime of day or night. 

If you come in and one of our chatters is there, say Hi ! If it says AFK next to their name this means they are away from their keyboard. Please wait, they could be away for many reasons. Like getting coffee. Please be patient, they do return as soon as possible.  

If you have any interest in hosting please contact us at 

Preface . . . 


PeopleWithMS contest!

This contest will have a cane of your choice from:

StumblinStyle's Ebay Store   

We thank Bette for coming up with this idea for our contest!

Now that the holidays are fast approaching, how about asking " How do you handle the Holidays?" or "What do you do for the Holidays? Are you on the sidelines?" It can written with a funny tone or regular tone. What ever the person feels at the time.

The start date is now! We will announced the winner in our newsletter December 18th  2004.

All you have to do is email us your entry here

No entries yet! We are waiting.

New Stories and Pictures

Baggie Boy


My name is Bill, and I am a 48 year old living in the West Midlands, England. I have been happily married to my wife Sue for 26 years, and we have a 22 year old son, Matthew. He has just graduated from Wolverhampton University, and we are very proud of him.

I was diagnosed with Cerebral Degeneration of the brain in 1990. My consultant informed me that this condition is similar to Multiple Sclerosis. At this time I have a mobility problem. I have a wheelchair which I occasionally use, but prefer to use my elbow crutches. (more )





Your name, story, and photo in the spotlight, right here in our weekly newsletter.  Just send it along to:

People like to read other stories about MS and dealing with the Every day life with MS. Everyone's M.S. is different and everyone's story is different. Get to know the chatters we chat with. Stories and Picture's  


We're starting Recipes again,  If you have a favorite recipe you'd like to share, e-mail us; 

Chocolate Cake

1 pkg Devils Food Chocolate cake mix
Hershey's butterscotch or caramel topping
Eagle Brand condensed milk
3 chopped Skor bars
whipping cream

Bake the cake according to directions on the box. When it is done, turn off the oven and, take it from the oven and poke holes in the cake ( I use a piece of spaghetti ) Pour the condensed milk and the caramel topping over the whole cake. I use a little over half of each...use more if you like. Put the cake back in the oven ( make sure it is off) and leave it in till the condensed milk and topping are absorbed into the cake..

Cool the cake completely. Whip the cream til done. Spread on cake, and put the chopped skor bars on top.

Or you can whip the cream and leave it in a bowl, and just put on the cake when ready to serve it..

Thank you Lesley!


4 Mars Bars

1/2 cup of butter

3 cups of Rice Krispies

Melt the Mars Bars and butter together. Stir in the Rice Krispies. Put it into a 9 x 13" pan


1 cup of chocolate chips 

1/4 cup of butter

Melt these together, and spread over the top of the Rice Krispies mixture. Put in the fridge, and when cool, cut into squares.....share them with me...

Oh Lesley this is way to easy ! Thank you again.


1 pkg. Duncan Hines Lemon Cake Mix ( Moist Deluxe Lemon Supreme)
1 small pkg. Jello instant lemon pudding mix ( 4 serving size)
4 eggs
3/4 cup vegetable oil
3/4 cup water

Blend all ingredients together, and beat for 5 minutes at high speed

Butter and flour the bundt pan

Oven 350----Bake for 50 minutes

Remove from pan while still hot

Put glaze on cake while hot.

11/4 cup of icing sugar
Finely grate zest of one large lemon, and add that and the juice from the
lemon to the sugar. 

Pour glaze over cake.....poke holes in cake with a chopstick or fork if you want.

Thank you Lesley.

All of the recipes are served on our web site! Check for more here. click here 

New Link Sightings Latest Links 

News Sightings   Always check out the News Page for the latest, breaking news.

Every week we add new link sightings which may be of interest, as reported by our visitors.  This will highlight new links you may want to investigate, before they disappear into the obscurity of some huge link listing.  If you come across any site which you think may be of interest, please e-mail us with the site address and a brief description of what you found interesting on the site.  We'll include it in the next Newsletter.

New on the Website

Message Board: We are slowly working on a message board. Crystal's Husband Daver has given us hope and help! This will give us a forum for discussion of MS topics. And fun stuff too. It really will come it's much more detailed them we expected ! There is so much time in a day.

*** We Need Your Help * * *

Helping Chatters Get Into Chat

People continue to have difficulties getting into Dreamchat.  Tell us in detail what you have to do to a firewall, anti-virus program, or Pop-Up blocker program in order to get in.  If you had to upgrade your Windows or Internet Explorer Service Pack, tell us from what, to what.  We will start a page devoted to all the different problems people have had, and how they have overcome them, as a resource page for new chatters.

*** One major trouble people have been running into recently is with their Internet Security & Firewall Programs.  Holding down the CONTROL key while entering seems to cure the problem.  So give it a whirl if you get stuck at the log-in page. *** 

DreamChat Trivia (repeated by popular demand)

  • New to Dreamchat and wondering how to make those neat little smileys and pictures in the text? Easy, here's the Cheat Sheet:

:) Smile   :* Kiss
:( Sad >-- Rose
;) Wink <love> Love
;} Wry <strobe> Strobe
:p Tongue <nuke> Nuke
:o Gasp <boom> Boom
:# Mad <star> Star
  • How do I copy and paste something?  Mark it as you usually would with the mouse.  Then use CTRL-C to copy it, and CTRL-v to paste it in the message window.

  • I'm a member.  I uploaded my avatar, and nothing happened.  What's up with that?  Even if your avatar is the specified 50 * 50 pixels, and no bigger than 15KB, there is no confirmation.  Apparently because DreamChat personnel review all permanent member's avatars to make sure they are acceptable.  (Whatever that means.)  If they are, they send back an approval in a day or so, and the next time you sign in, "poof" your new avatar appears.

Crystal's Corner 

 Crystal is back! We are waiting for more of Crystal's Corner!

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