January 17, 2004

PeopleWithMS Welcomes  

Spicey, Brandi, Bridie, Silverldy, Tina, Ditzidy,  

New Stories and Pictures  

Tina has shared a poem she wrote.  It can be found on her pictures page.  She has been nominated for Poet of the Year.  Best of luck, Tina !

Tina & Wayne

Hello, my name is Tina......Well since I dont know where to start....I have not been totally diagnosed with MS yet, but it looks as though I have it...I am 38 years old with 3 girls. My husband Wayne came to us in 1994...we were married in 1995. He is very special to me. I am currently in the process of seeing a neurologist, but they only want to look at my back area and not want to do any further testing. I fall all the time...and my arms and legs go numb quickly. I was told by 1 doctor that i have fibro...but i know there is more they havent found yet. We live in Jackson, Ohio and along with the girls ( Jessica, Heather, and Carol ) we also have 2 cats ( Diamond and Skeeter ) and 2 dogs ( Isa-Nixie= Pomeranian... and Dejaquah= Golden Retriever ) . Our house is always busy and crazy at times, but we love it. We both enjoy making new friends, and value our current friends.. we have a statement that rings true all the time " To have a friend is to be a friend " We look forward to meeting some of you at the crossroads 1 day.  Follow this link to view her poem.(more)

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Interesting recent news we have seen.

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Taking Vitamin D Supplements Lowers Risk of Multiple Sclerosis

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