January 24, 2004.

PeopleWithMS Welcomes 

Dawn, Bruce

New Stories and Pictures

Jim, our room administrator (RA), is going to be hosting the Sharon O show. It will be seen on March 24, 2004. 12 midnight eastern standard time on station WGN. The topic is going to be M.S. He will be doing it via phone. We look forward to  hearing your voice Jim! 

Delbert is at it again! Cross Country 2004. As he said, "Pedaling 14,000 miles covering 48 states. That is the goal, but keep in mind I'll take it one day at a time and of course one pedal at a time."  See if  he's coming anywhere near you. He wants to meet MS'ers all over the world. Let's cheer him on! You can visit his web site for more inspiring information:  

Your donations to Wheels of HOPE will help fund replacement equipment (i.e. tires, batteries etc.), lodging and meals during Cycle Across America, web hosting, office supplies, hardware upgrades as needed, and software.

News Sightings

Gray Skies Might Be Reason For Higher MS Rates In Northwest

And we thought rainy days were just a coincidence.

Vitamin D health benefit boon ?

- Bring us sunshine !

Finding Relief From MS With 2 Drugs

- Sometimes change is good.

Serono, Inc. Launches New Web Site For People with Worsening Multiple Sclerosis and their Physicians

- We need all of the support we can get, and Serono is doing just that .

Jersey allows stem cell use in research

- At least there is still some stem cell research going on in the USA.

New on the Website

We've mostly been working on those invisible details this week.  

Starting this week we are archiving the Weekly Newsletter, so all you will have to do is pick a date and check it out.  It will be a good reference.

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